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ESSENTIAL: Wash synthetic reef fish tank design completely before installing. For best results, it is recommended to cure Immediate Reef Phony Coral prior to installing it in your Fish tank. To treat, soak Immediate Reef in freshwater for 2 hours, then soak in saltwater for 1 hour. Immediate Reef is for both Saltwater Fish and Freshwater Living Fish Aquariums.

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Live rock can be placed behind artificial coral reefs, or in sump/ refugium for biological purification function. Traditional fish-only tanks fill with live rock at a rate of 1-1. 5 pounds of live rock every gallon of water, not only bare rock looks less of color, however also live rock costs a fortune.

Live corals or anemones can also be kept offering some movements. Really Instantaneous Reef has some versatile artificial corals that might wave in water current. Instantaneous Reef remains in the United States of America, we are very knowledgeable shipping products to worldwide. International orders might need unique handling, packaging, customizeds responsibility and broker cost, please call us for personalized quotes.

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If you are interested in becoming a worldwide supplier of Immediate Reef Fish tank Decors, please contact us. No. Personalized artificial reef are not available at this time. Dealership can be granted to aquarium related businesses just, for instance: pet shops, aquarium leasing business, aquarium upkeep service business, fish tank contractors or fish tank manufacturers.

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Constraints might apply. It is extremely easy to fix a damaged phony coral branch. Usage fish tank silicon to glue. Fish tank silicon can acquired at any animal shop. No. you do not require unique reef fish tank equipment for artificial corals. Pump/ Powerhead/ Wave Maker: Water current does not need to be as strong as in a reef tank.

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6-8 times is great enough for artificial reef tank. Read This Lighting system: Synthetic corals do not require INTENSE reef fish tank lighting that normally just metal halide lights can supply. T5 Fluorescent lights at 2w-5w every gallon of water is effective. Protein Skimmer: very important devices for marine fish aquariums, the larger the much better.

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Filter, Sump, Refugium: Filter has various types, sponge filter, internal filter, container filter, fluidized filter, under-gravel filter, wet/ dry filter and more. Depending on the fish load you have, select a filter that can handle all the waste. Numerous reef tanks use just live rock for biological filtration.

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