The Best Structure Tips for Wedding Speeches

Wedding is a real celebration of love. Newlyweds treat it as a time of discovery, the birth of a new family. Relatives and close people treat it as a very important point. In addition to the basic preparations, which are mandatory, you shouldn’t miss the most simple, trivial things — choose an original gift and write a beautiful greeting speech for the newlyweds. It may seem that it is very easy to make a wedding speech: you should just pick up a few beautiful quotes, a couple of poems and the speech is ready. However, we must not forget that every greeting speech has its own differences and certain rules of writing. You will need to have some time, a piece of paper, a pen, a little perseverance, a little imagination and look at . So, you can start working.

One of the main points is the relationships between the groom, the bride and those who make a speech. Such a speech should be especially solemn and unforgettable. A basis of you speech can be specific moments from childhood when he or she was still quite small, cute and so naive, believing in fairy tales and dreaming about the person they will be when they grow up. You should draw a comparative parallel between childhood and real adult life. Wish them happiness, mutual understanding, and a birth of nephews, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. You can still remember the funniest moments from childhood associated with the wedding. They must be really funny for you and the newlyweds. For example: "Being a very young boy, our groom showed that he really knew how to appreciate women's beauty. There were times when tulips skirts became very popular among young girls and our Victor was only four years old then. Once walking in the Park, a girl in such a beautiful skirt went by us. As soon as Victor saw it, he was so impressed by it that he could not restrain his emotions. The first thing he cried out after seeing: “How beautiful it is!” Many years have passed since that time, and now we have a beautiful bride standing before us. She is beautiful, smart and just gorgeous. We understand that our son was born a true connoisseur of female beauty, which is confirmed by his wife. We would like to wish you and your future children good luck and family well-being!”

There are six basic rules in the preparation of the wedding speech:

Start thinking about the speech two weeks before the holiday. It is better to mentally pronounce a ready speech or keep it in your head for a few days.

Prepare a separate sheet of paper and write down everything you want to wish the newlyweds. It is better to make it short, so it will be more expressive and memorable. We should try to memorize it. It is not polite to read the speech written on the paper.

Be open, liberated and emotional, especially if it is the wedding of your closest relatives.

You should add a maximum of personal and individual emotions and thoughts for greater effect.

Practice pronouncing the speech in a circle of your family or friends. Listen to their advice and wishes and adjust them if it is necessary.

Once again, it is necessary to be as brief and expressive as possible. The speech should last no more than two the and a little advice, you can use this speech auto creater -

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