Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu: An Inspiring Individual With A Traditional Value

Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu, a successful entrepreneur and a recipient of ‘The Asian Voice Award’ is best known for his successful entrepreneurship and commitment in the field of technology as well as his passion for charitable works. He is an innovative leader and an inspiring individual who seek to transform and strive to excellence in whatever he does.

Mr. Ahmadu started off his first business career and invested into his first company known as A2A International Limited in the early 80’s. This brought him great success and made him known among the earlier pioneers in the field of trading in GSM in northern Nigeria. He further expanded his business import and export to neighbouring regions. Through his constant effort and devotion, Mr. Ahmadu managed to build a strong international network among IT and Telecom companies, which further boosted his capabilities and credibility. Over the next several years, Mr. Ahmadu leveraged his success and expanded his business world locally and internationally. Subsequently, Mr. Ahmadu businesses grew and it saw his companies grow to command a multinational presence in over 30 international locations across 10 different time zones. For someone who started off with a humble beginning, Mr. Ahmadu is a private man with traditional values and a deep spiritual conviction, he is driven with the passion to build better communities and nations. Despite the false accusation made on him regarding the NIS recruitment scam, Mr. Ahmadu did not stop from doing good for the society, he kept working to bring a better change in the community. There were speculations in the media which have been merely driven by an unknown source and some unethical mischievous journalist and all were FAKE NEWS.

Mr, Mahmood is a man who built impactful solutions in many nations and wholesome character, he is devoted for his work, passionate to build innovative ideas and keen to develop smart technologies for Africans and diverse clients as well. As resultant to his enthusiasm and passion, Mr. Ahmadu became the first recipient of the Empowering Local Communities for his contributions to local, national and international charitable causes. He is the first recipient of the Empowering Local Communities for his contributions to local, national and international charitable causes. The publisher of Asian Voice, in his speech before the presentation, commented on the PM’s fantastically words and praises Ahmadu for his vision and mission in fantastically solving problems and using his companies in changing Africa’s technological challenges. Mr. Ahmadu strongly believes in giving back to the society and encourage Corporate social responsibility. He aims to deliver solutions that will empower institutions and people to achieve their full potentials and achieve their goals. For his future goal, Mr. Ahmadu is keen to be the provider of a more integrated technology-enabled end-to-end solution in Africa.

Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu started his business project and made it into a successful technology company which now operates in over 17 international location across 10 different time zones. With his inheritance, Mahmood Ahmadu started forming different businesses in the IT and telecom fields. He was amongst the very early entry entrepreneurs into the Nigerian telecom sector for mobiles (GSM) being the local agent for multinational companies that were involved in mobile related products and servers such as GSM/ semiconductors/chips/recharge cards. He also advised the large international companies on how to navigate the legal, regulatory, marketing, and cultural framework of Northern Nigeria and gradually penetrated the ECOWAS countries like Ghana, Benin, Togo etc. Mr. Ahmadu also launched several entities including in London and Nigeria and later expanded into 30 locations, including the UK, the US, the UAE, China, Germany, Turkey, Malaysia and various African countries with businesses activities varying from biometrics passports and as the main biometric visa application agency like the VFS in the UAE. 

Mr. Ahmadu vision lies in been the provider of the integrated technology-enabled end-to-end solution in Africa. He also drives his passion in building an African multi-business conglomerate built on Information Technology which continues to Advance the Technology Infrastructure for governments in many African Countries to achieve cost-effective services for the people and their governments.

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