Why Do You Install Sun Blocking Shades at Home?

Solar screens for windows are right additions to ensure the safety and protection of your home. Some homeowners are quite unsure if they will get benefitted from the installation of sun screens for windows ore are hesitant to make the investment. Take a look at the post to understand the importance of installing sun shades for windows.

The sun blocking shades will buffer your energy costs – but above all, they are the brilliant investment for any homeowner. Here are a few things you need to consider in order to decide whether the solar screens will work for you:

Energy bills

When you notice that your energy utility bill seems high or they increase substantially during the summer months, you could be overworking your AC. This can be due to the amount of sunlight that enters your home bringing more heat. Around 65% of the heat that enters your home will enter through your windows.

There are different reasons behind the higher energy bills like poor insulation, the requirement for upgraded windows, etc. If this isn’t the case, installing solar screens for windows can help you minimize the heat entering your home which results in cooler interior and less work for the AC unit. In addition to, sun blocking shades can help you save around 30% or more on your home energy bill.

Improved value and aesthetics

When it comes to update your home’s exterior while increasing its value, adding sunscreens is a cost-effective option for you. They can provide a sleek look and help you market your house as well as make it more energy-efficient.

There are different options for exterior windows or pool areas while using the sun shades for windows. However, picking a right color that is aesthetically appealing and compliments the exterior paint color and design will be great in giving it a more pleasant and beautiful look to your home.

The requirement of privacy

If you want to avoid some nosey neighbors or enjoy a little more privacy during the day time, the sun blocking shades are ready to go options. The color and solar blockage percentage will have some impact on the privacy your solar screen will provide.

The solar blockage percentage is the main advantage of the solar screen with most quality solar screens blocking around 90% of solar rays. The higher the percentage, the smaller the openness of the sun blocking screens. The smaller screen openness comes with less visibility inward and outward.

Understanding your preference is important. If you enjoy seeing the amazing landscape, you want to go with styles that have lower blockage percentages. While there are different options for colors with sun blocking shades, darker screens are better for outward visibility and enough privacy during daytime. They can also eliminate more glare than the light colored screens.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that during daytime sun blocking shades provide great privacy and in the night, if you have lights on in your house, the screens will provide little privacy as they will be easier to see inside your home.

Final consideration –

When considering buying sun shades for windows, you should consider what your goals are and how solar screens will help you achieve all of the benefits. If you want to save money, add value to your home, protect your interior and increase privacy, solar screens will be a perfect way to accomplish your preferences. Consider installing them and take advantage of these shades year round. 

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