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We offer a no nonsense professional proactive approach to acoustic design, onsite construction checks and pre-completion sound testing. Using our on-going, proactive approach we ensure clients receive professional advice every step of the way, with an on-going continual consideration of cost.

The importance of undertaking design reviews and on site construction checks is often forgotten resulting in sound test failures at the end of the project prior to building control signoff. This can be extremely costly in terms of programme and possible claims by the client. By undertaking careful acoustic design from the initial design stage through to completion it greatly reduces the risk of sound testing failure.


Acoustic Design

We have considerable experience in all matters related to architectural acoustic design and detailing. We can help develop the initial acoustic design of the project from the initial design scheme stage.Our approach is robust and does not leave any room for errors using our In-depth knowledge of acoustic materials, construction systems and Regulations we can provide the following:

Provision of cost-effective and practical acoustic solutions

Thorough understanding of the desired character of the space

It is essential that strong communication among the members of the design team members is essential, to facilitate this we can undertake design meetings and site inspections to finalise the acoustic solutions in full accordance with the project's aims.

Specification of External Building Fabric and including walls, doors and windows in order to minimise noise break-in, or break-outfor privacy and overall acoustic quality within dwellings.

Acoustic testing of existing wall façades to ISO 140-5, to check the existing sound levels so new targeted wall upgrades can be specified.

Acoustic Investigation and design of rooms/spaces for a wide range of environments such as schools, offices and commercial spaces.

Site Visits

We offer a site survey service which allows our clients to feel confident about the outcome of their sound testing at the end of the build. The site visits let us check that the installation teams are installing the acoustic materials as per manufacturers avoiding crucial onsite mistakes. You can often have a compliant design which still fails due to poor workmanship; the site survey visits negate the risk of sound testing failure.


A Few Simple Design Considerations
The use of suspended ceilings will help improve the performance of the floor partition. Including a resilient acoustic layer or adopting an "acoustic" flooring system will improve the impact and airborne performance of a floor

Avoid using lightweight blocks in the inner envelope construction as sound will travel along these both vertically and horizontally from dwelling to dwelling.

Use carpet in hallways/corridors to lower reverberation levels.

Key considerations of acoustic design are:

Careful design consideration for all separating walls and floors

Careful design consideration for all internal wall and floor performance

Careful design consideration for the external/internal building façade.

The specification of glazing/curtain walling

The specification of doors

The specificationof ventilation

The building/s orientation and layout

Careful design consideration if using lightweight external walls and roofs

Careful design consideration for all internal wall and floor performance

Careful design consideration to reverberation control and room acoustics

Acoustic screening from external noise such as fencing etc.

Acoustic protection from plant rooms, communal areas etc.

Noise exposure of outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies.

Defect Diagnosis & Remedial Advice

We occasionally get involved with projects that have failed the sound testing - even though we weren’t initially involved with the project. Often it is due to the inclusion of inadequate materials or robust acoustic design and isolation of materials.

Using our considerable experience in building acoustics, we are able to diagnose the reasons for potential the sound testing failure and recommend a cost-effective solution. Often, the reasons for the partition failure are obvious to the test engineer in which case the advice will be minimal and subsequent design advice costs will be minimal; however sometimes, there are more technical issues which require detailed diagnosis and invasive investigation, such as the use of lightweight blocks throughout the inner envelope wall on a block of flats.

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