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Sweated palm, high level of anxiety and fear of failure. Do you feel the same before an interview? If yes, then you are in right place. We will try to understand and solve your fear of failure in interviews.

For a few the job interview is torture. Why is the job interview feared?  What exactly are "they" going to do to you that's so nerve wrenching?

Let’s Check.




Reasons for the Fear behind Job Interview:


  1. 1.    Fear of the unknown:


Ideally you would sit poised thumbing through a magazine, feeling relaxed as you wait for your turn to have a dialogue with the interviewer for the business.

 Not so when awaiting the interview. Consider it - what do you have to lose here?   What is the worst thing that can happen?  What if you don't get this job - is the planet going to stop turning? 

Realizing of course, that bills have to be paid, but this is the wrong approach to present you. Interviewers smell fear. 



  1. 2.    Fear of appearing like you don't know what you're talking about :


"brain freeze"  Have you faced it ? You may be ready for it, but its not in your control. But you are not alone. This happens to all of us.


Who's putting the pressure on you to execute?   YOU.  

Who understands you better than you understand yourself?   YOU. 

Who knows that you are a perfect eligible candidate? YOU.


Thus, you're going to go in and talk about yourself. 


What's so hard about that?  For many people that's enormous.  They consider it bragging and they "despise" bragging and talking  about themselves and their achievements.



  1. 3.    Fear of Rejection


Nobody wishes to be rejected?

I know, it does not feel great at all.  Somebody, and at the job interview often an entire stranger says, "We do not need you -- you're not good enough."  At least that's what you hear. 

The simple truth is it might not have anything to do with you personally.  It has to do with all the interviewer/company getting the most for the buck.  And, there are loads of extenuating circumstances.


The Cures for the interview fear:


  1. 1.    An alteration in thinking

First, and most crucial step is to change how you see the interview.  This isn't an appointment with the dentist who may inflict pain.  It is a conversation with another person. 

What's the worst thing which can occur as a consequence of the interview?  You won't receive the job, which may not have been the right job for you anyway.

Secondly, this can be a conversation - a two-way process.  As you are being interviewed, the board is also going through the same.

Anxiety is in both side of the table.  Can there be a great fit here -- both ways?  What looks good on paper may not be what it seems -- for either party. 

It will be a part of your work through the interview to research if this is a fantastic location for you, and also whether you want to commit an important part of your life here.  Whenever you are not checking them out and what they have to offer, you are missing an opportunity which you might regret later.


  1. 2.    Relaxing Practice:

Among the best techniques to handle stress is through breathing.  Take deliberate, shallow breaths.  Take air in through the nostrils and inhale quietly through your mouth.

This is a technique that should be practiced as a relaxation technique prior to the interview so that your body gets used to slowing down the breathing procedure and relaxing.

Relaxation techniques like yoga, and meditation courses, are recommended for anyone with an extreme case of"interview fright."  



  1. 3.    Planning before the interview

In this highly competitive age, its better to be prepared for rejection.

Do you think every dates end with a marriage proposal?  Well, you probably aren't likely to find a job offer after every meeting.

For every job that you apply for there are more than probably a few equally qualified candidates in line for the exact same job.  Whether you stick out from"the crowd" will depend on your preparation and ability to show confidence in yourself believing that you are the"best candidate for this task." 

How do you possibly sell anybody anything if you don't believe in yourself? Preparation will help you to become more confident. Never take preparations lightly. This is the major mistake in current market.


  1. 4.    Overcome the fear of failure :


You might have experienced a number of interviews with no offer.  You may be feeling defeated, and it's starting to affect your-self esteem.This would be true of anyone.  But it's a mistake to take it personally. 

There are so many aspects that could be affecting the offer it is impossible to say what's happening.  There may be a prefixed candidate, someone promised a job to his relatives, a better profiled competitor, an awkward face off, a mismatch in salary needs, etc.


How to overcome the fear of failure? Here are two very simple but powerful steps.

First, you have to estimate the maximum risk of failure.

Second, you have to accept it.

This way you can prepare yourself to face the failure. And, there will be no fear.

Know more about Atychiphobia. 


  1. 5.    Never Mind


Give yourself credit for getting an interview -- just a small proportion of people get this way in the procedure.   Give yourself permission to not get job offers.  Believe that an offer will come through if it's the right offer -- the right fit for the company and for you personally. 

Take the hands back and reject the feeling of dread.When you've done everything to prepare for the interview, and you're satisfied you could present yourself in the best light possible, the second step would be for you to let it go. 


You may learn something from each interview. Learn how to enjoy meeting new people and having new adventures.  Opportunities are unlimited. Who knows, confidence may make you one of the successful interviewee in future.



“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.” 
Ed Sheeran 

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