Signal: Secure Messaging App

Encrypted messaging applications scramble up the messages in a way that only the proposed recipient can accessit. This means that the messaging content cannot be accessed by anyone even the network operator. Encrypted messaging apps are very different from traditional SMS messages and phone calls, which can be easily intercepted by the phone carrier and government law enforcement, along with hackers with those prying eyes.

End-to-end encrypted applications are designed for devices sharing the messages, with only the sender and recipient having access to the content. This is not the case with SMS messages, as by default can be seen by the operators transporting the message to the recipient.

If a message is not encrypted, then any third party along the way can easily access the contents of the message. Hence, it is all up to you, the way you choose to communicate. Some messages can be too sensitive to be shared via vulnerable system, which is why the best option is to use a highly encrypted messaging application, making your communication secure and protected.

Based on current scenario, sharing messages over unsecured methods can be a big threat. After all, using end-to-end encrypted applications to keep secure communications matter.For beginners in Technology, Signal is free and secure messaging service, enabling one to share encrypted messages, audio and video between its users. Sure, it owns tons of features, but the big and most important part about it its simplicity and ease of use.

Signal is a private way to communicate easily and absolutely free. No more worrying about your private messages being accessed by third party, no more ponderingabout is reading your private messages. 

"No ads, no marketers tracking your messages," creation of Signal by Whisper Systems explains "Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience."

By allowing to you to have a truly private conversation, Signal has changed the entire equation of messaging. Why is it important? This year has witnessed several incidents, where tech giants are proven to compromise with their user’s identity and private data. Talking about it, there is an understood need for solutions that can save our privacy and render secure communications. All this doesn’t end here as this year also highlightedDonald Trump administration's stating clear intentions to track down whistleblowers. Thankfully, Signal has made this job more difficult, as it clearly works on private conversations not being shared by any third party intruder. And even if the government officials hunt for our communications, Whisper Systems won't allow that to happen.

Signal gives he power to enjoy private communication, absolutely free, without offering in return. If you want to share your company’s sensitive data, or have a private conversation with any of your friends and family member, download Signal, and also ask your friend to download it. This will enable you to have a secure communication without worrying about those prying eyes.


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