Scores Killed in Egyptian Clashes

Minister of the Interior of Egypt warned the supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi, they will "soon" be dispersed from a sit-in in Cairo.

The Minister Mohammed Ibrahim said lawsuits filed by residents near a mosque provide a legal cover for customs clearance.

But thousands insist they will stay at the mosque al-Jonathan Rabaa.

The area has been the scene of bloody clashes between the army and demonstrators Saturday, with doctors estimating that more than 100 people have been killed.

The Ministry of health is less than 65 deaths.

Mr. Morsi Muslim Brotherhood accused the army of death, accusing soldiers to shoot to kill.

The Government has denied, insisting on the security forces of the tear gas used only, not live ammunition.

The BBC Quentin Sommerville said Cairo seems to be false given the severity and number of injuries.

Tear gas, lead shot and bullets were all highlighted during the fighting, he said.

Meanwhile two leading figures who have supported the withdrawal of the army from M. Morsi, July 3, condemned the Saturday killings.

The grand imam of Al-Azhar - the highest Muslim Sunni authority in Egypt - called for an investigation, while the vice-president of the interim Government, Mohamed ElBaradei, said that excessive force had been used.
'Shoot to kill'

The clashes on Saturday, which began before dawn and carried on for several hours, were the most serious combat of violence since Mr. Morsi was ousted.

It seems that they have started after some supporters Morsi has tried to expand the barricades around their protest site, and security forces responded.

Doctors at a hospital of countryside near believed about 70% of victims were caused by live fire - with many victims affected in the chest or head by snipers firing from the rooftops.

They were mostly killed by bullets, especially by snipers, especially in the head. We have nearly cut the throat, like animals,"said Dr. Hisham Ibrahim.
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