Rewriting and Proofreading Essays: The Secret to Success

At some point in any student's academic career, there will be an assignment, probably an essay that is going to get left to the last minute - the night before its due - and it will get done and written and printed and tucked safely in your backpack. Then said student will almost immediately collapse and fall asleep. The true horror and panic will set in the following day when you re-read and think “Oh my god! I turn this in, I'm gonna flunk!” Face the fact right now: rushed essay writing means the writing essay will be poor!

Avoiding this situation means, you have to write that first draft and then edit that first draft of your essay and improve it to create a great piece of work. The good news is that it is only a four-step process. The better news is that a detailed explanation is to follow.

Step 1: Research

Make sure you have spent a little time understanding the question. If you understand the question, you will get some idea on how to plan and structure your essay. Keep in mind the audience because this will affect the style you use in for the writing essay. Do the research: Gather your facts, information, and marshal your arguments.

Step 2: Keep it Simple

With a full plan in front of you, you will know what goes in to each paragraph of your essay, from the first words of the introduction, to the last line of the conclusion. Here is the thing: Do not jump around. Start at the beginning and work following your essay plan. If you do this, the essay writing will flow naturally with a logical, common sense flow and structure that makes it easy to read understand and later on, edit.

Step 3: Take a Break

If you started writing at least a few days before the deadline, then you do not have to stress and panic over deadlines. You can afford to take a break and let your first draft a day to rest. When you come back to your essay after a day’s break, you would be surprised at the new ideas and thoughts that will spring to mind to help to write an essay.

Step 4: Proof Read

You made a detailed plan, you followed it when you wrote your essay, you took a break, and came back to it and read it over and found place where your essay writing could use some improvement. This is the key step: Correct, rewrite, add relevant information, perhaps even add or remove entire paragraphs from your essay. The key thing is to read it over and check it repeatedly, until you are (and be honest with yourself) completely happy with it.

Of these four steps, the first three are always completed. The essay is researched, planned and written and the break taken lasts until the due date. That fourth step, the proofreading never happens and neither are the improvements. This fourth step is the open and overlooked secret to successful custom writing.

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