6 Greatest Entrepreneurs of the World

The world is full of entrepreneurs and inspiring people. But there are few who have achieved something big in their lives. It is not easy to become so much popular in the entire world but the hard work and commitment of these individuals have made them that much popular and successful.

Every person in this world possesses some qualities and strengths. But only those people get success that correctly and timely identify their hidden qualities and strengths, and also work on their weaknesses to turn them into their strengths.

In this article, we are going to tell you about 6 greatest entrepreneurs of the world from whom you can get much inspiration and motivation. The list is as under.

  1. 1.      Steve Jobs

I think there is no one in this world that is not familiar with this name. Steve Jobs is one of the greatest and inspirational entrepreneurs of today’s world. He was the co-founder and chief executive of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs is no more with us but his Apple products have been and will continue to dominate the telecommunication industry all around the globe. He was an American IT entrepreneur and inventor and will remain as a legend in the hearts of many people in the world.

He is ranked number 1 on ‘The Most Irreplaceable CEOs in the World’ and number 49 on ‘People We Wish Were Still Alive’. 


  1. 2.      Bill Gates

Another great and inspirational personality of the recent era is Bill Gates. He is one of the greatest U.S entrepreneurs, a business tycoon, computer programmer, an inventor, and a generous donor. He worked with his friend Paul Allen and founded one of the largest PC software company, Microsoft. Due to him, we got introduced to Windows, Office, Skype, OneDrive, LinkedIn, and more.

He is ranked number 19 on ‘Celebrities Who Should Run for President’ and number 38 on ‘The Most Influential People of All Time’.

  1. 3.      Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an English businessman, philanthropist, and a founder of Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies. He wanted to become an entrepreneur right from his early age and at the age of sixteen his first business deal was a magazine called ‘Student’. Later he managed to open a mail-order record business which got huge success and turned into a chain of record stores. Due to the huge success of Virgin brand, Richard Branson set up Virgin Atlantic airline in the year of 1980.

He is ranked number 24 on ‘The Most Powerful People on Twitter’.


  1. 4.      Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is an American born entrepreneur, programmer, businessman, an investor, and the founder of Oracle. From 1977 to 2014, he remained the CEO of the Oracle Corporation. He is now a full-time philanthropist. In the year of 1970, he was influenced by the research on relational database design by Edgar F. Codd, and in 1977, he got success in forming his own software company Oracle Corporation.

Recently, he is the fifth-wealthiest person in the U.S and eight-wealthiest in the world according to the Forbes magazine.

Also, he is ranked number 6 on ‘The most Irreplaceable CEOs in the World’ and number 16 on ‘Who Should Buy the Los Angeles Clippers’. 


  1. 5.      Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is a Russian entrepreneur, businessperson, a computer scientist, and the co-founder of the great Google Company. In the year of 1979, he came to the U.S with his family and earned the bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Maryland. He then enrolled himself in Stanford University to receive a Ph.D. degree in the field of computer science where he met with Larry Page. They both then became good friends and founded Google.

He is ranked 20 on ‘Real World Avengers Villains’ and number 24 on ‘The Most Influential Software Programmers of All Time’.


  1. 6.      Mark Zuckerberg

He is the co-founder of Facebook and one of the greatest personalities in the world. He is an American businessperson, an internet entrepreneur, and a computer programmer. In April 2013 he was made the chief executive and chairman of Facebook Inc. When Zuckerberg was the student at Harvard University, he founded Facebook with the help of his roommates in 2004. Now, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world.

He is ranked number 18 on ‘Celebrities Who Would Probably Be Bad at Cuddling’, and number 23 on ‘Celebrities Who Deserve Their Own Postage Stamp’.

Also, he is ranked number 32 on ‘The Most Irreplaceable CEOs in the World’ and number 51 on ‘The Most Influential Software Programmers of All Time’.


The above-mentioned persons are one of the well-known and inspirational personalities in the world. With their dedication, commitment, and hard work, they achieved so much success in their lives. There is a lot to learn from these entrepreneurs because of their hard work.

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