6 Features to Look for in a Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The festive season is soon approaching, and several people are looking to buy a new washing machine. A washing machine is created so that you can save both time and effort you put in finishing the daily chore of washing clothes.


Nowadays, these machines are designed with hi-tech features that provide several functions and facilities. One such technology is of the fully automatic washing machine. Nowadays, buying a washing machine on EMI is possible to help you save money - more on that later in this post.

These washing machines make sure that your clothes are washed and dried in the same cycle. It keeps you away from the hassle of shifting your clothes from the washer to the dryer section every time. For making the most of the available options, you have to buy the right product first.

There are various Diwali offers in the market that may attract you to purchase a fully automatic washing machine. But, before you approach the stores, you must keep yourself updated regarding certain basic features. In this article, we have listed six such features that you should look out while buying a fully automatic washing machine.

1. Tub’s material

The tub of the washing machine is a part in which the clothes are kept and washed thoroughly. Since it is an essential part, you must ensure that the material of the drum is of good quality. It is usually made of plastic, porcelain-enamel or stainless steel. The first two materials are inexpensive and might not last for a long time. However, the ones made of stainless steel are durable. They can even withstand a high spin-speed easily. So, make sure that the fully automatic washing machine you are buying has a steel tub.

2. Wash settings

Several machines these days offer pre-set washing programs. Example, for delicate clothes, they have the gentle wash option. Whereas, a quick wash setting is available for the clothes which do not require thorough cleaning. These features can be beneficial especially when you are in a hurry. You can also get customizable options in the latest fully automatic washing machines. It will give you more flexibility while choosing the spin cycle capacity. This is yet another point that can help you with buying the right washing machine for your family.

3. Fuzzy logic

The smart technology is dominating almost every industry, and the same can be seen in the case of electronics as well. Fuzzy logic is a new feature that has been introduced in fully automatic washing machines. This feature auto-sets the apt washing condition, depending on the number of clothes in the tub. By detecting the weight of the clothes, it determines the quantity of water and detergent required. It even calculates the time needed to clean the clothes. Hence, you don’t have to bother about maneuvering the settings manually.

4. Temperature control

One might feel that there is no need for temperature control in a fully automatic washing machine. However, if the washer offers an inbuilt heater, you can quickly clean dirty clothes. It even helps the clothes to get rid of bacteria and other allergy-causing factors. Furthermore, temperature control is quite useful during winters. Various machines offer the steam setting as well which is helpful for fighting nasty stains.

5. Pause and delay option

All the latest fully automatic washing machines have the time delay and pause options as well. It allows you to wash the clothes as per your convenience. You can both halt the machine and resume it later or set a schedule for cleaning the clothes so that it auto starts. Also, there is a pre-soak option, which allows you to soak the clothes for a specified period. The best part is that the machine starts the washing cycle automatically after the soak period is over.

6. Machine capacity

Capacity means the quantity of the clothes that you can wash in the machine at a given time. Depending upon your requirement, you may choose from the different options. However, if you have a large family, then make sure that the capacity is significantly good. On the other hand, for couples or individuals, a 5 kg to 6.5 kg machine is decent enough.

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