Top Security Risks in Android Application Development
  • Application Threats

It is estimated that about 95% of Android applications are at a risk of being affected by malware. This is a huge risk, and Android not policing its applications leaves both app programmers and hackers with a lot of freedom to manipulate. There are over 75,000 thousand different diagnosed cyber threats that Android is currently susceptible to, and its Play Store policy does little to minimize these security breaches. It’s very easy for malware to make its way onto the users’ private screens.

  • Customizing the OS

This may seem strange, but customizing the operating system is a major security threat that Android applications face. It’s very common for users to customize their operating system to make it more functional, comfortable, or user-friendly. However, some users also have the tendency to alter the OS by integrating launchers and customization layers. This causes gaps in the security measures, which is why customizing the OS is a big problem in the world of Android application development.

  • Apps Permissions

It is not uncommon for Android app programmers to fail to fully understand the types and number of permissions an app requires. At the same time, most users do not think twice before hitting the “Accept” button when an app asks for certain permissions. So, why is this a security threat? Well, by granting an app certain permission, users are allowing the application to access private and sensitive data that is stored on their Android device. Therefore, when it comes to Android application development, Android app programmers must always try to create apps that require as few permissions as possible. It is also important to spread awareness about app vulnerabilities and urge users to be cautious while granting an app permission.

  • Downloading Apps from Unauthorized Sources

As Android applications are not limited to just the Google Play Store, these apps can be made available on a variety of stores – even if they are not authorized. Thanks to Android’s open-source nature, which makes building an Android app a free affair. It’s therefore quite simple for anyone to create malicious apps and upload them online. It is also important to note that very often, users resort to unauthorized sites to get apps, as they want to avoid paying for an app they want. They then unknowingly download malicious apps, which attack their devices and steal their data. This automatically makes the world of Android mobile app development a risky one.

  • Android Fragmentation Risks

Fragmentation is one of the biggest problems Android application development services face when it comes to developing a sound security solution. As Android applications contain a number of versions, Android app programmers find it quite challenging to develop a solution that is fit for each of these versions. Furthermore, users do not always update their Android device to the latest version, which is why some security solutions that are created are not able to operate. It is also important to note that Android devices that are not updated are more vulnerable, as well as more prone to being infected and getting attacked by malware.

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