Amazing Benefits Of Developing Health Insurance App

While enjoying the merits of mobile applications in many aspects of our lives, healthcare is limping. We still run into the same tiresome and inconvenient red tape that could be eliminated with the help of mobile solutions.

Healthcare is seeking to make technology work, as evidenced by the many fitness and healthcare apps out there, but still, the overall healthcare market is rather awkward when it comes to optimizing work with technology. Let’s find out how health insurance apps can actually make it cool.


Benefits of Mobile App for Health Insurance

Now let’s talk about the problems they can solve for your business. A mobile app can make your insurance company more profitable and effective. But how? Let's find it below.

First, with a mobile application information exchange between clients and your company will become quicker than ever, as there won’t be any need for tiresome calls. This means that you’ll need fewer resources to support your call centre. This will probably decrease the requirement for insurance managers, as they’ll spend significantly less time on each client.

On the other hand, you can keep the number of managers the same but scale your business by attracting more clients. This will become much easier as the convenience of your service will likely draw attention.

A mobile solution can also help you sell more of your services, as you can have a separate screen in your application displaying options for auto, life, and home insurance.

The most important thing is to make your mobile software really convenient. Some companies are already trying to adopt IT, but while they have enough resources to create a health insurance app, they often lack the knowledge about mobile best practises and knowledge to do it properly.

The best way to solve this problem is to get mobile experts to make an app that will meet both your company’s and clients’ needs. Let’s see what components you’ll need to make a great health insurance app.


How to Develop Health Insurance App to List In Top Health Insurance App?

What makes an app great? Features, of course. We’ll talk about the features you need for your health insurance app.

1. In-app Calling

How people call your company is probably the first thing you need to fix to make your service effective. The ability to call a company from an application is a must-have feature, but still, you should think about other options such as live chat.

2. Live Chat

Many people prefer text-based chats over phone calls. If you browse through most online services, you’ll notice that online support chat has already become a standard.

Chat gives your managers the opportunity to answer clients’ questions and manage several clients simultaneously. You can also provide customer care through live chat.

3. Document Access and Sharing

This feature will save your customers from losing information or needing to fill in long forms or send emails. Now they can use an app to find health insurance documents (for example, their medical record) and send it to one of your managers. Security is extremely important when sharing medical documents: you’ll need to use encryption to make sure information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

4. Purchasing and Renewing Policies

Making purchases via mobile apps is popular and convenient. You can increase your sales by offering quick policy purchasing. Allow your customers to see all plans and choose one and pay for it immediately in your application.

If your client already pays for an insurance policy, make it possible to renew it in your app as well.

5. Basic Diagnosis and Treatment

It’s great if your app has some functionalities of healthcare apps. Giving your customers health advice can distinguish your service from others.

You might want to include basic symptom-based diagnosis, descriptions of common ailments, and advice on their treatment.

6. Geographically Based Services

You’ll definitely need maps for your mobile app. Users need to be able to see all hospitals and healthcare centres near their current location. And if anything happens, your app can let users simply share their location with a company or doctors instantly instead of explaining where they are.

7. Claim Statuses

There’s usually a massive communication problem between clients and insurance companies because clients need to call their managers each time to find out how the process is going. A mobile app can eliminate it and sync all data to allow users to see the status of their claims in real time.

8. List of Products and Policy Details

Your clients should be able to check their policy details at any moment, so it’s good to show this information right in your mobile app. This will help to avoid several questions.

You can also use your app as a tool for upselling, as you can highlight your other products there.

These are the features for a health insurance app. Also, don’t forget about the UX and UI that has to be clear and simple, and remember that your application has to be as simple as possible.


Health Insurance Mobile App Cost

The cost of making an app consists of two factors: the complexity of your application and the hourly rate of your development team. Rates usually depend on the territory.



Mobile apps have already become an important part of many industries, and we strongly believe that such a huge market as health insurance also needs to become more modern and convenient for everyone with the help of applications.

Creating a health insurance mobile app is a win-win, as it will become easier for your customers to interact with your service and your business will instantly become more competitive, as very few insurance companies actually have good mobile apps.

If you want to build a health insurance application, you get in touch with mobile app development company. We’ll offer the best insurance solutions and help your business by bringing our mobile expertise to the table.

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