Best Indian Travel Channels on YouTube to Follow

Travelling can act as a motivational syrup or a demotivational ailment. It can either be a place where you can make new buddies or simply a voyage or an expedition. In India, a swarm of people every year is found to be enjoying the adventure of discovering articulated mountain ranges or enthralling sea shorelines. After all, India never fails to cherish the tourists with its captivating whereabouts, in and outside its boundaries.

Amongst the aspiring travelers, there are many who pen down their experiences and thrilling stories related to their journeys on their online blogging outlet. To them, social media platforms such as YouTube acts as the icing over the cake. It has turned out to be the most ideal approach to express their own views along with the live interaction with their subscribers.

Following are the best travel vloggers on YouTube that every traveler should follow before commencing their expedition.

1. Discover With Dev:

Dev Chhajer, the owner of this YouTube channel “Discover With Dev” is known for his traveling enthusiasm coupled with his love for food. This food and travel blog YouTube channel mainly emphasizes on authentic reviews of that particular Indian destination and its related foodstuff. Subscribing to his channel helps the viewers to gain more knowledge about the places that are often missed out while visiting the regular tourists' spots of India. One may also put their insight on his blogs, titled with the same name.

2. Hippie In Hills:

Hippie In Hills is yet another best YouTube channels that share the best experiences, reviews, as well as the thrilling moments. Here the viewers may get the opportunity to explore the pristine beauty of the Himalayas, its diverse flora and fauna, and experience the local culture. A traveler who has the utmost desire to experience only the beauty of Himalayas, can simply visit this channel and meet his desire.

3. Thrillophilia:

Similar to other channels, Thrillophilia is again one of the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube. This social media platform offers a wide selection of curated tours and activities. However, unlike other channels, this is a one-stop solution where you can enjoy booking tours, activities ranging from food tours to treks to helicopter rides, staycations and many more.

4. Mountain Trekker:

Mountain Trekker, channel hosted by Varun Vagish, is all about exploring Indian as well as outside its boundaries. Unlike other travel vloggers of India, He emphasized the fact how a traveler can travel the whole world without breaking his bank account.

5. Touring Travelers:

Like Dev, he is also considered as the best travel vlogger on YouTube. The channel Touring Travelers work as the guide to every traveler who is aiming to kick-start a trip to India. From ensuring the route to the places to visit, every data is picturized in a detailed manner.

India offers a lot to explore and the best travel vloggers on YouTube assist the adventurer with proper guidance and reviews. Every traveler has their own way or style of traveling or exploring the regions. For instance, some love to be more adventurous by riding a bike, some love to travel with their wanderlust partners, some love to do cinematography while traveling, while some keep just simple.

The author Dev is one of the top travel motivators in India and also known as the best travel vloggers on YouTube. In his blog Discover with Dev, he shares his intense love for travel and food and simultaneously aims to motivate and encourage the travelers to travel more, coming out of their comfort zone.

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