How to Throw a Big Party in a Small Apartment


Be it for holidays, birthdays, housewarming or just a general friends’ get together, parties are always fun and most people look forward to it. It is a great way to socialise and connect with people and have an awesome time together.

However, in most cases, the small studio apartments pose constraints to throwing a frolicking grand party. But, in this case, you should understand that most of the enjoyable parties are held in cramped, closed quarters.

That is why you should not let a lack of space stop you from throwing a superb get-together. It just needs some creative planning and the right décor choices to make the most of your limited space and throw a grand party that everyone will remember.

Here are some small apartment décor hacks that will help you to throw a great party that all of your guests are bound to enjoy to the core. Just read on.

  • Go for Creative Seating – You may have just 5 chairs whereas you have got 50 RSVPs. But keep it in mind that this is a party and not a lecture. With the help of blankets and throw pillows you can actually arrange for the additional seating and stand by a clearing or main area in the living room. You can also rent a few tall tables for the day. Don’t worry about the structured seating spaces as people will naturally move around with time.

  • Label It – In order to minimise the post-party clean-up and the piling of glasses, encourage the guests to label their drinks. This also ensures that everyone uses just one glass throughout the entire party. Try using the wine charms or personalise the glasses by writing the names of the guests on the stirrers of the drinks.

  • Use All the Rooms in Your Apartment – Have you ever been to a party where everyone’s packed in one drawing or living room while the other rooms are completely empty? You should encourage the guests for spreading out and making use of every square footage. If you have a hallway, then you can pop some coasters and snacks on a small table in the hallway so that people can hang out in the main room. Each room is bound to take a vibe that will offer people more opportunities to mingle.

  • Try Keeping a Simple Décor – If you go for an abundance of clutter, it makes a room feel cramped and small. It is for this reason that you should go for simple décor like one simple flower instead grand and ostentatious centrepieces and instead of patterns you should go for solid lines.

  • Don’t Make it Sweltering Hot – You can well imagine how heated up the tiny house parties can get when loads of people are all crammed up in one space. That is why you need to keep things comfortable by planning ahead. The best way to do that is by turning off the oven and turning on the AC about an hour prior to the commencement of the party. You can also keep a fan on or a window open in one spare room (if you have one) so that people can find respite if the heat is too much.

  • Think Over Your Food – In case of studio apartments, the kitchen happens to be in the middle of things and that is why you should be over with your cooking before the arrival of the guests. This way you will remain more relaxed and create more space for you guests to spread up and enjoy. Apart from that, try to go for finger foods as that can make the job much easier. Serve up the must-have platters like cheese, crackers and veggies and some appetizers like pizzettes and mini quiches. Shun anything that requires utensils as this can save you from washing innumerable forks or enhancing the landfills with the plastic ones. This will also help to keep the space clean.

  • Use the Ceiling and the Walls – To prevent taking up the valuable flat space, you should decorate the ceilings and the walls instead of the table surfaces. You can string the streamers, lights and floating bud vases and attach them to the ceiling for a splendid festive look while still leaving room for the beverages and food on the table.

  • Illuminate It – Open the curtains or turn on the lights for letting in as much lights as possible. You should try hanging the mirrors in the wall for making the space feel larger.

Apart from the above, you can also opt for hiring the right pieces of furniture like going for chair hire to suit your needs and enhance functionality of your space. And above everything else, make it a point to enjoy yourself to the core as only then your guests will be boosted up and your party will turn out to be a highly successful one.

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