6 Reasons Why Wind Energy Brings Good News

We all know that wind energy is good but not everyone knows exactly why. It’s no secret most countries today appreciate this form of renewable energy. From coasts to vast fields of land, wind farms have been a common sight.

Wind energy is widely known for creating positive impacts on the environment. But there is more to it than reducing our carbon footprints according to Sasha Jacob. It plays a crucial role in many aspects of a nation’s development. There’s a large possibility that wind energy could soon be the source of our global electricity consumption.

Mr. Jacob is the CEO and President of Jacob Capital Management Inc., a financial and strategic advisory firm that exclusively focuses on renewable energy and clean technology sectors in Canada.

Sasha Jacob explains the positive impact of wind energy

1. It’s a guaranteed way of lowering carbon emissions.

Within just five years, wind energy could prevent more than a billion tons of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere. Because it does not burn coal or fossil fuel as it generates electricity, it is a much cleaner alternative to traditional energy sources.

2. Meets our global energy needs.

Since we greatly rely on technology today, our demand for energy has increased as well. According to researchers, if more countries tapped into this renewable source, wind energy could be supplying up to 19% of the world’s electricity. By the year 2050, 30% of our demand would be supplied by the wind.

3. It is an affordable alternative.

As wind energy becomes more and more popular, the prices for wind electric systems reduces. Wind power is the most affordable additional power capacity today. Contrary to what most people believe, wind energy is anything but expensive.

Although the input for wind power would definitely cost you, you’ll be surprised by how much you can save from it within a year. And wind turbines are relatively cheaper today, requires little maintenance, and are fueled by the wind, which has an unlimited supply. In other words, you’ll be gaining a lot more than you’ll be losing.

4. More job opportunities

Expert financial advisor Sasha Jacob says wind energy opens up doors to more job opportunities. This would significantly contribute to a country’s economy. According to latest statistics, roughly 600,000 people currently work in wind power industries. That number could go up to 1.5 million by the year 2020.

5. It would lower global pollution.

It’s untrue that wind turbine manufacturing produces pollution. In fact, wind turbines have undergone completely clean stages in its production to installation and up to energy generation. This means wind turbines are not responsible for any type of pollution seen on the planet today.

6. It’s good for the wildlife.

Many people claim wind turbines kill bats and birds. Although that may be true in the past, that’s highly improbable as we speak. This is because modern wind turbines go through a series of environmental impact and migratory patterns assessments before being allowed for construction.

These improvements have drastically dropped the bats and birds casualties over the years. On the other hand, traditional power plants are still responsible for animal deaths with coal mining, onsite collision and electrocution, downstream poisoning, acid rain, mercury pollution, and climate change. If we replace all fossil fuel generation with wind farms, we will be saving roughly 70 million avian lives from injuries and deaths every year. 

Finally, we will be able to beat global warming. As Sasha Jacob says, the power sector pumps out more than 40% of CO2 in the atmosphere. Wind energy is the ideal technology to prevent further damage without having to compromise the amount of energy being generated. Because wind farms are capable of powering large communities, we won’t have to worry if whether or not it will be able to supply for the global community.

If we learn to capture opportunities for wind energy, we’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. Not only will we save a fortune, but more importantly, we’ll save the environment.


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