How chimney cleaning can save you money

While paying anywhere from $120 to over $300 for a chimney cleaning may seem like a lot of money, you should think about just how much money it can actually save you. Chimney cleaning isn’t something you should do once and never bother with again. It should be a part of the annual maintenance of your home. It is also better to have it done by a professional service so the cleaning is documented.  That documentation is proof to buyers and insurance companies that you have done what needs to be done to take the best care of the home as possible.

The obvious reason first

Just about everyone knows that doing a regular chimney cleaning can help reduce your risk of fire in the home. It isn’t always about preventing creosote buildup in the chimney, but the cleaning can also make sure that the liner of the chimney is in good condition too. That liner is the fireproof barrier that protects the rest of your home. Part of every chimney cleaning is a visual inspection of all its elements so you can spot small repairs before they become big problems.

What you may not be thinking of

Beyond the issues of saving you the cost of having to replace your whole home by preventing a fire, a chimney cleaning by a professional service will also help preserve the value of your home and reduce your insurance premium costs. Prospective buyers don’t like the wild card of a chimney that doesn’t have documented maintenance and insurance companies definitely prefer evidence that you are being fired-smart with one too.

What you probably don’t know

What you may not realize about your chimney is that it plays a role in how well your cooling system works. If your chimney is dirty or clogged the flue cannot seal correctly. If it doesn’t seal correctly, then that draft will work in two different ways. It will suck your cool air out of your home and introduce hot air into the room. While this isn’t good for any types of cooling system it can cause even more problems in homes with central air. All that draft is coming from the great outdoors and introducing dust and allergens into your closed air system to recirculate through the house too. A chimney cleaning can help prevent cleaning costs for your home, central air pump and also helps keep your cooling costs low.

And then there is this

If you need another reason why chimney cleaning can save you money it is that it will improve the efficiency of your heating system. That draft that you don’t want during the warm season is what you want to make the chimney act efficiency. Especially if you have an insert, making sure the chimney clean will help it to operate better and save you money on your heating costs. Chimney cleaning is about more than safety, it’s a part of keeping your chimney in good working order so you get more benefit from it.

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