Should We Choose Ghee Over Butter?

Let us go through a brief description on Ghee and decide which form of clarified butter we should consume. Also, let’s know about Mahanand Ghee and a place where we can get pure cow ghee online.

What is Ghee?

It is a clarified form of butter which is largely used in Asian households. Similar to butter, it is a dairy product made up of cow’s milk. It is usually extracted from melting the butter. Once the butter gets heated up, it separates the liquid fats and milk solids. After getting fully separated, the milk solids are removed from the liquid. This shows that ghee incorporates less lactose than butter.

Based on amazing ghee nutrition facts, its usage has been increasing over the period of time. Today it is used as a cooking oil, as a flavoring agent on various dishes be it savory or sweet, and as a medicine for Ayurvedic therapies and massage. It is also used as an ointment to heal burns and other skin problems.  

What is the procedure of making ghee?

The process of making it takes a lot of time as compared to any other forms of clarified butter. The butter taken from the cow’s milk is heated on a medium flame for a much longer time in order to extract the ghee out of it. This is the reason that the end product is nuttier and strong in flavor.

It has a high heating point or we can say smoke point which is beneficial for sautéing and frying food. Making ghee is a “Do It Yourself” task. You can make it in your kitchen by heating the unsalted butter. Let the butter get melted over a medium flame on a slow pace and gradually take out the solid that gets accumulated on the surface. Cook until all the solids get skimmed off the liquid.

Before switching off the gas make sure that the bottom of the vessel turns brown. Take the liquid out on the separate jar or container and let it cool down and solidify. This is now the clarified butter.  

Ghee vs. Butter

Both the items are extracted from cow’s milk; their nutritional value is quite similar. After skimming off the ghee from the butter, it gets a lesser level of dairy proteins than that of the butter. This is the reason that it is beneficial and safe for people who cannot tolerate dairy products well.

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