How is ultraviolet light produced in water purifiers?

You must have heard in many instances that water-borne diseases are mainly caused by bacteria or viruses. It is a common occurrence across the world because water can contain various disease-causing germs even after purification. So, it is important to eliminate these kinds of harmful microorganisms from drinking water. 


Since most people don’t get their water tested, it’s impossible to find out the impurity levels in the water they are drinking. An RO technology helps in removing most of these contaminants, including pathogens and microbes from the water.


Hence, you need to opt for a UV water purification system.


What is a UV Purifier?


UV or Ultraviolet purifier is specifically designed to kill the bacteria and viruses present in the water. Consuming water which contains pollutants such as microbes, viruses, and bacteria is harmful to health. Hence, UV filters in the water purifiers are meant to remove these living organisms from the water.


How is Ultraviolet Light Produced in Water Purifiers?


The UV light is emitted through a UV lamp in the water purifier. This lamp is charged with the help of mercury vapor. When the water is screened through the UV radiation of 254-nm wavelength, it penetrates the water and inactivates microorganisms and germicides. Also, stop these germs from multiplying.


Usually, UV-C lights are used in UV water purifiers to kill the germs present in the water. UV lamps can deactivate different types of germicides from the water such as Hepatitis B, Cryptosporidium, Fungi, Salmonella, and many other viruses.


The UV lamp is encased in a quartz glass sleeve which allows the UV rays to penetrate the water. When the UV rays come in contact with the virus, bacteria, or other microorganisms, they will immediately disinfect the impure water.


Are UV Purifiers Effective in Reducing TDS Levels?


The main purpose of UV water purifiers is to inactivate the germs and microbes from the water. It doesn’t add chemicals or minerals to it or help in removing other contaminants from the water. If your water has a high percentage of TDS then it is advisable to opt for RO technology as it purifies the water using a multistage process. Thereby, making the water potable by removing excessive TDS and other harmful pollutants.


How does a Combination of RO + UV Works?


Nowadays, most water purifiers come with multiple filtration systems. RO + UV water purifiers are widely used because of their efficiency in eliminating TDS and microorganisms. Moreover, there are multiple types of combinations available in water purifiers. You can also opt for RO + UV + UF + MF water purification systems depending on your usability. Ultimately, each of these systems treats specific impurities and improves the quality of your home tap water.




UV water purifiers or filtration systems are quite essential because the water is prone to several microorganisms and viruses which may affect our health in a severe way. Hence, choosing a water filter for home which can effectively remove all types of contaminants in the water is the best way to access clean and safe drinking water regularly.

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