360 Panorama

360 Panorama

Through many years of development and progress in science and technology, some problems encountered in the fields of traditional architecture and infrastructure construction can be resolved through more effective ways by scientific and technological means.

The rapid development of drones can provide more economical and effective solutions for these traditional industries.

UAVs can be used in various applications such as exterior walls of buildings, project progress management, 3D model mapping of urban buildings and can also be used to shoot promotional videos for buildings and infrastructure.

UAVs allows Client to have 360 panorama view to the building and environmental of building.

Our common knowledge about drone only used for aerial photography and videography, but you know what drone technology become more and more incredible even exceed what you think it is.

Drone brings an unique perspective to customer and real estate agents. Aerial photography showcase building in a new way: the wide vision of drone can fully display the real estate and surrounding environment, allowing customer to experience the charm of the building and the combination of drone technology and indoor photography provides developers with a low cost, efficient and creative presentation tools.

Application of drone can demonstrate the value of real estate. Drone mapping technology allows the real estate to be pre-measured, generating 3D models, customizing the function of each area, giving customer more intuitive feels. With this interactive presentation experience, real estate agents can easily demonstrate how the house meets the needs of each customer.

It is a complicated process to put the construcion project from conception to realization. One project may involve many of subcontractor and cause to inevitably overlap in work. Moreover, under tight construction schedules, small failure by subcontractors may be overlooked, resulting costly project changes, rework or legal proceedings. Drone technology could help project manager to regularly survey the construction site and master the project progress, which allows efectively avoid the occurrence of large-scale changes.

Traditional building inspections require manpower to build scaffolding to do building exterior and roof inspection. However, build up a scaffolding could be time-consuming, costly and risky. Drone perfectly solve the problem, as it can fly close to building and take hundreds of high definition picture and 4K video. The photo and video taken by drone will send to employee who is conducting real-time inspections of building on the ground, dicosver hidden structural problems in advance, and make maintenance work easy, fast and more efficiently.

The thermal imaging camera also improve efficiency of detection work even further. Industrial drones can be used to detect large buildings and complexes. The characteristics of high-speed flight and quick start feature make it suitable for complicated inspection project. Thermal imaging cameras can perform comprehensive data collection, identify potential problems from thermal imaging analysis and develop a remedial solution.

Infrastructure is one of the elements that may affect country economic growth. However, most of the urban infrastructure was built in the last century. Regular maintenance is essential for city's operating eficiency and public safety. Aerial Photography could help to accurately restore the image of ground coordinates. The custom software can quickly process the data and convert it into two-dimensional orthophoto maps and three-dimensional models with exact centimeters. These data allow experts to evaluate the transportation system more efficiently. Aerial videography can also be used for traffic monitoring. Previously, only helicopter could obtain bird eyes view (360 panorama) effect but now drone can achieve same feature as well. An efficient monitoring system could reduce traffic jam and congestion

Our professional drones can quickly collect geographic information. Ground control points can measure up to sub-cm. The combination of ground control points and image processing software enables surveys to be performed more efficiently. If your job task requires high accuracy, we can use ground control points for data collection to increase the accuracy of centimeters.

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