Matching the Colour Theory- How Professionals Add Shine to the Walls?

The sole purpose of every painting job is to add not only the elegance but also shine to the walls of the residential or commercial building. This is why a majority of the people trust the suggestion from the experts from some of the reputed companies catering to painting services. A seamless and flawless painting is what that is very much essential when it comes to immaculate refurbishment—both interior and exterior of residential as well as commercial buildings.

A sheen painting job is something that can be challenging. With different aspects in mind, the job is done in the best way possible. The following are some of the things that need to be ensured when it comes to adding shine to the walls of the buildings—

Understanding the ‘SHEEN’ and ‘GLOSS’

Sheen surface defines how well a wall should look after the painting works are over. Often people confuse a sheen wall with a glossy one. Experts say, "Sheen is the level of glossiness that wall holds after the painting is over". The level of shine on the wall is driven by many factors- the availability of light, the size of the room, the position of the room and the level of available light.

Going with the “LOW SHEEN SURFACE”

According to the recent trends, the low gloss finish like the matte or the flat has been the top choice for many of the new building constructions. According to the experts from Black & White Property Painting Pty Ltd, if you want to hide some of the flaws present on the walls or ceiling of your house, then it is going to be the best way.

The matte or the flat wall finish is considered the best for the bedrooms or the other places where there is no need for the reflections. Experts say that the space that has this finish provide a calm and relaxing ambience. It is one of the reasons why the presentation halls of some of the major commercial complexes opt for the matte wall finishes.

Glossy Finish

If you have some areas in the house or your office where light could hardly reach, then going for the glossy sheen is going to be the best choice. Experts say that this type of sheen surfaces can be tried out in the stairways, hallways or the waiting room. Upon striking the glossy wall surface, the light would reflect and make the space glow.

Opting for the Eggshell Finishes

Well, this is, particularly for the residential interior painting. According to the experts, if the person wants to give their place of living a mild warm touch then going for the low-finish sheen painting solution will be the best option. The best thing associated with this type of coating is that the surface rendered is always going to be resistant from stain and dirt and hence, would require the least maintenance in the long run.


For the ones who are going to paint the wall for the first time or had really some tough times in the past, then hiring the professionals for the task is going to make sure that the job is finished just in the right way. The professionals having the right technical know-how about the painting can deliver what is needed.

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The author is associated with one of the leading painting companies that cater to different commercial as well as residential constructions. The author has closely witnessed the transformation the companies like Black & White Property Painting Pty Ltd has seen during the past few decades.

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