Vardenafil Is the World’s Second Most Popular Erectile Drug

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Vardenafil is a drug approved for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, also called impotence. The FDA approved Vardenafil in 2003, which is sold under the brand name Levitra. Vardenafil has been found useful in impotent men who failed to get effects from the famous little blue pill.

The FDA approved Vardenafil in 2003 for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It was the second ED drug, after Sildenafil Citrate, to receive approval and get introduced onto the market as a prescription ED treatment and then Tadalafil came shortly after that. Vardenafil is sold under the brand name – Levitra.

Chances are you may have heard about all the ED drugs and you may be tempted to buy Vardenafil to improve your erectile health and performance. But before you buy Vardenafil, you should understand how it works so you can conclude which erectile dysfunction medicine is suitable for you.

Sildenafil was the first oral drug

A few decades ago, it was a bit difficult to discuss sexual health and treat ED due to unpleasant modes of treatments. Today, there are rarely who have not heard of Vardenafil, Sildenafil, or Tadalafil. Many men know about ED pills and their role in treating impotence and improving erectile health.

The accidental discovery of Sildenafil approximately two decades ago helped scientists to search for more treatments for ED. Fortunately, medical fraternity has been lucky. They found a group of drugs called phosphodiesterase5 (PDE5) inhibitors, which includes Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil and Avanafil (the most recent one). They work to improve erectile health in men. They simply boost the blood flow to the penile organ, causing an erection during sexual stimulation.

How is the Vardenafil Different?

All four PDE5 inhibitors improve performance by helping to promote erections hard and long enough for sexual intercourse. However, the chemical structure of Vardenafil is slightly different from the ED drugs. Vardenafil is useful in those who have ED secondary to diabetes, hypertension, depression, and other health issues. It is also found to be useful in men who repeatedly failed to achieve satisfactory results from Sildenafil.

Most men have reported that Vardenafil works faster than other PDE5 inhibitors. Vardenafil starts working within 15-20 minutes of dosage, irrespective of whether you ate or not. Some men who took Sildenafil with food did not experience the effects. This is not the case with Vardenafil. This particular is known to work even with food. In addition, some men opt for Vardenafil instead of Sildenafil or Tadalafil because it is less sensitive to food as well as alcohol.

Please note that while Vardenafil can greatly improve your erectile health, it does not have aphrodisiac properties. Furthermore, Vardenafil does not cure ED, nor does it protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Recreational use of Vardenafil is strictly prohibited.

Do not take Vardenafil or any other PDE5 inhibitor if you are undergoing treatment with medications containing nitrates or alpha-blockers. Using Vardenafil while taking nitrates can cause blood pressure to plunge, which could put pressure on your heart.

Even though Vardenafil is predominantly recommended for use by men to treat ED, some women who have used for arousal disorder have experienced the benefits. This is so because Vardenafil works by boosting blood flow to the female sexual organs, increasing the sensitivity and arousal. So, women with female sexual arousal disorder can use Vardenafil. Remember, Vardenafil does not increase sexual drive both in men and women, so it is not for those who suffer from libido issues.

For more information about how Vardenafil works to improve sexual health in men and women, speak to your primary care physician.

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