Hydroponics- What Makes It The NEXT BIG THING For Urban Farming?



With greenhouse farming expanding at a rapid pace, more and more urban farmers are adopting the hydroponic mode of growing their plants and herbs. Endless rows of tomatoes, basil, Chamomile, Coriander, Cilantro, Parsley, etc. are being produced with the help of this soil-less mode of cultivation.


With the population rising steeply in Australia, the desire for more resources is intensely rising. To meet the rising demand, farmers have to be more productive and ensure a quality yield.


One effective mode of meeting all future needs is the hydroponic mode of plant growth. The technique involves growing plants without the help of soil and using nutrient-rich solutions to provide minerals and water to the plant roots.


Hydroponics- How It Works?


In normal farming, it is the soil that holds the root of the plants. They keep the plants upright and ensures that all essential nutrients are presented to the plant for its growth.


On the contrary, hydroponic supports the plants artificially. Instead of the soil and its minerals, the system replaces it with ionic compounds to help it grow. The logic behind this approach is very simple. In such grow cabinets, the nutrients are directly applied to the root of the plant in a controlled environment.


Whenever necessary, farmers can provide the much-needed nutrients and water to the plant. With that, these farmers can also regulate the light and air to ensure optimal plant growth.


The Perks of Hydroponics:


One undeniable truth is that hydroponics is as clear as mud to urban farmers. There are still some aspects that farmers need to learn. But nothing is alarming, and with more use, these farmers will learn more about this soil-less way of growing plants.


Here are some perks of hydroponics which outweighs conventional agriculture methods.


  • Impressive Productivity: With the help of nutrient solutions, heaters, artificial lights and other equipment, the crops tend to develop quicker and healthier. This allows farmers to grow large yields every time. The best part is that the farmers can achieve impressive productivity throughout the year regardless of the temperature outside.


  • Eco-friendliness: Whatever amount of water is used in a hydroponic cabinet is recycled automatically. Another ripper fact about such grow boxes is that it uses only 10-15% of water that farmers use in conventional farming.


Furthermore, these cabinets are closed off, and that prevents the nutrients from leaching away, and there are no pesticides or insects to bother the plants either. These cabinets are truly more eco-friendly.


  • No Transportation Worries: Another perk of such grow boxes is that it allows urban farmers to grow plants closer to communities. Also, with more transportation, the plants are exposed to more pollution and transport emissions. That hampers the freshness and quality of the plant. But with the use of a grow cabinet, all that is avoided.



Hydroponics is the future of urban farming and most places in Australia have started using this method to notch up impressive produces.


So, those wanting to grow their favourite plants or vegetables, invest in such grow boxes without hesitation. Though it is very popular in Australia and other powerful countries as well, it still is in a period of slow acceptance in other countries across the sphere. With time, all that will change, and they will eventually become the NEXT BIG THING!



Resource Box: The author is a professional writer and focuses more topics on modernistic ways of farming including the rise in popularity of grow cabinet. With interesting topics, including this one on hydroponics, the aim is to educate interested readers as much as possible.

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