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ADD or ADHD has become surprisingly more manageable in recent years, offering kids and adults greater relief from the everyday stress and distraction they experience. As a result, they find themselves better equipped to communicate, plan and follow-through with their goals.

People who suffer from ADHD understand that it’s a widely misunderstood condition which far too many people chalk up to a lack of attention. However ADHD is not a garden-variety type of distraction, but rather a on-going burden and life-hampering reality for millions of Americans.

These are not simply people wishing to improve concentration for work - though such meds famously do helps with that - but instead are intended for people who have suffered in small ways and large for years, all from a simple chemical imbalance in the brain.

Prescriptions such as Adderall for kids, or an adult Adderall alternative for work, encourage the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine helps provide us with a balancing sense of pleasure and relief in day to day life, and those who don’t naturally produce enough are left to seek out pleasure elsewhere.

This is why those with ADHD are so easily distracted: their minds are constantly looking for stimulation because the brain lacks this chemical release. In everyday life, this issue can be difficult, however in a crowded classroom with a confusing curriculum, it can be overwhelming to the ADHD sufferer.

In years past they’d have been told to buckle-down and takes better notes, or they’d simply be dismissed as someone lacking motivation or passion. Now we know better return from injury faster. There are real solutions out there now to help improve concentration for work or school.

Doctors and patients are now learning not to pre-judge such medications based on scary data from the past, often associated with other drugs entirely, or radically heavy doses. The medical community has begun embracing a Ritalin alternative for work, for instance, after seeing it make such a marked difference in so many lives.

When the Huffington Post ran an article earlier this year with the headline “This is what Adderall Does To Your Brain,” many assumed it would be a scare-piece aimed at the many misconceptions associated with ADHD. Instead, it was a fair and honest look at how such drugs have dramatically helped tens of thousands, with a clever video that breaks down the history and brain chemistry involved. It also clarifies the dramatic difference between these drugs and methamphetamines.  

These are not the ‘pep pills’ used by the Army in World War II, nor are they related to the dangerous concoctions Walter White deals in on the TV drama “Breaking Bad.” They are instead a carefully measured, highly reduced dosage from amphetamines safely used in the past, directed specifically to symptoms of .

Through generic and derivative versions, real options have emerged as a Ritalin alternative for school, bringing new focus to the classroom. Likewise they’ve helped countless adults in the boardroom. These safe yet powerful medications improve memory for exams, boost overall concentration levels and helps to drown out surrounding distraction.

Today the ADHD sufferer has something celebrate. Relief and a new way of life is tested, proven and now readily available.

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