5 Things to Keep a Woman’s Heart-Healthy

5 Things to Keep a Woman’s Heart-Healthy

Covid19 has somehow negatively impacted the mental and physical health of a person. But one positive thing that has emerged from the pandemic is that people have started taking care of their health. Being confined in the houses during the lockdown people have taken yoga, indoor exercises, healthy eating, and other health measures seriously. 

From being confined to their houses to being tasked with most domestic responsibilities, women's lifestyle has not been changed much. For a household woman, she has to look after the work, her family, and others and for a working woman, she has to meet the professional deadline, personal commitments, etc. which leads to mental as well as physical issues. Being mentally and physically unhealthy for the long run can negatively impact the heart leading to life-threatening problems.  

According to the reports, women are more prone to heart diseases rather than men in general. It is why women are advised to take more care of their health, especially of their heart. Circulatory and heart disease is still one of the biggest killers than those of other diseases.

Dr. Elsa female gynaecologist in dubai, suggests what you can do to maintain your heart. In general, the ticket of your health is largely dependent on the lifestyle you live and the food you eat on a regular basis. Below mentioned are the smart choices you can set up for better heart health. 

  • Eat healthy fat: Say NO to tran’s fat and stick to eating healthy fat. Women who eat more trans fats are 3 times more prone to develop heart disease than the ones who do not consume much trans fat. Trans fat are industry-packed goods, snack foods, and fried fast food. 
  • Practice good dental hygiene: Good dental health is a good indication of overall health including your heart because gum diseases are the risk factors for heart disease. It is advised to brush and floss your teeth daily to avoid gum disease. 
  • Get enough sleep: Sleep, sleep, sleep is the most vital part that plays a major role in keeping our health better. According to the doctors, it is mandatory to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Do not skip your sleep at night. An irregular sleep pattern, in the long run, is linked to disruptions in underlying health conditions. 
  • Exercise 30 minutes daily: A daily lifestyle ingredient for women to protect their heart from diseases is to exercise 30 minutes daily. Opt for 30 minutes of brisk walking daily or 70 minutes of intense exercise thrice a week to keep heart diseases at bay.
  • Start your healthy heart checkups: See your doctors regularly, make this a habit to visit your healthcare professional or a mediclinic obstetrician and gynecologist. They will help you with the checkup and can also help you identify any other female problem. Apart from health problems, if you are suffering from any women-related problem you should call for action and discuss it with the healthcare professional before it is too late. 


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