Staircase to The Perfect Animation – 7 Steps You Need To Take

Hustle bustle!

It’s all crazy…..

I got, what I have been waiting for… Yes, it’s the approval to start my very own animation project. But oh, how would I do it?

Will I disappoint my company, will they never give me a second chance?

Enough, enough & enough of these crazy thoughts, human.

Who on the Planet Earth gives you a second chance of creating your first impression?

You haven’t seen a dragon that is going to eat you. You have got a big project on your shoulders, so celebrate instead of showing the anxious side of you.

Stressing your brain cells will give you nothing. Just relax, have a cup of coffee and sit back. We are here to unveil, how you will accomplish the task. Whether you are making it or have hired an animation company for it, you need to know the steps of creating a victorious animation.

A kickass concept

Nothing goes right without a proper plan. Similarly, a successful animation needs a powerful storyline. Your business goals and dreams won’t get accomplished unless your animation has a story.

Understand that audience isn’t there to look at the visuals neither you want them to. They are there to understand the information you are communicating.

There are lots of animation companies in Karachi, no matter which one you choose; make sure that you communicate the creative brief in a good way.

The Animation Company will provide you with a set of questions related to your business goals; the u.s.p of your products or services, etc. Answer each and everything correctly so that they hatch a good concept for you.

An engaging script

Let’s start it from here; when you watch a movie, you concentrate more on the visuals or the story? Well, your eyes focus on the visuals while your brain focuses more on the story. The dialogues that are there in the video make you experience several emotions like happy, sad, anger, miserable, etc. The animation does the same thing. A strong script evokes the provocation; it urges your user to take action by playing smartly with their brains taking the help of emotions.

You can give an idea to the animation company about how you want the script else can ask them for their recommendations. Do communicate about the emotions you want your audience to feel.

A good script doesn’t drag a user, it is to the point and has simple language since not everyone possesses a healthy vocabulary log.

Once the company has developed a script, become part of the process and ask them to show it to you.


An animation company shows you the storyboard that gives you an idea of how your animation will look like. A storyboard shows you everything frame by frame. It lets you understand how the message will get conveyed.

This part isn’t miss-able. The whole animation process gets easier when you have a storyboard in hand.

Style of animation

Once everything is there ready on paper, it’s time to choose the style and start the animation.

You need to choose the style of animation. It can be 2d/3d, more text-based or visuals based, etc.

We would advise you to help an animation company at this phase. Maybe they like a particular style, but you have your own reasons for not liking it. To save yourself from disappointment, choose the animation style and tell your animation company about it.

Add a voiceover to your animation

Don’t chuckle! It may look like a tiny part, but it has the enormous power to make your animation or break it completely. Since it has the unedifying power pay attention to it.

See, if the animation company has chosen the right voice over artist or not. The voice of your brand will be heard only if it matches your brand’s personality.

If you have a project that is fun an exciting; you need someone who can pump up the whole thing. An excited voice would do the job for you.

For instance: If the product is a bit mysterious, we meant to say that if you are looking forward to generating curiosity, choose a person with the most dramatic voice. A neutral tone won’t do the job for you in both cases we have explained.

It’s time to animate

Here comes the time when you add life to your video. At this phase, an animation company adds motion to the characters or objects that are the part of the video. This phase is pretty time-consuming. Being in a rush always makes things difficult for you; it causes you to make careless mistakes that ruin you.

This part of the whole process is crucial and take almost 2 to 4 weeks yet again it depends on the complexity and duration of your animation. Every frame here is designed with perfection so that the characters and objects transition smoothly.

Background music and sound effects

You can call this stage as the final one. Here, you insert the background music and the sound effects to each frame. You do lip-sync and make sure that the frames are going hand in hand with the voice over and the sound effects.

Usually, people often forget this part. Little do they realize that the sound effects have the power to evoke positive or negative emotions. Copying someone else’s background music without their consent is a horrid idea. You never know the person may sue you in the court and law for merely a tiny mistake. Well, the error looks tiny, but it’s not. You can’t use someone’s background music without taking the rights for without taking their permission.

Pack up

Yes, it’s the right time to pack-up. If everything is done correctly, you are allowed to show the animation to your fellows. Ask for their feedback before showing the top management. So that if there are minor errors, you modify them with the help of the animation company.

We hope that the steps we told you will help you in making a perfect animation that won’t only impress your top management, but will do wonders for your company. 

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