How to Keep your Husband Interested in You

He is my husband, there is no need putting efforts to keep him interested in me”. This is the wrong statement many wives out there make. They have not taken the time to ask themselves why romance goes cold in a marriages. In the beginning of a marriage, there is so much love and romance. Young couples call themselves pet names but as time goes by, calling your husband lovely names becomes a taboo. This should not be the case. The man on the other hand starts losing interest in this woman who was so much irresistible in the beginning of the marriage. If you want to keep your husband interested in you, then this article is for you. Stay with me as we unravel the secrets to keeping your husband interested in you and not in some woman else.

Compliment your husband

If your husband does the things you like, appreciate him. Let him know that you are grateful for all his efforts in keeping you happy. Do not hold back your compliments simply because you think he understands your gratitude. Just go ahead and say it. When said, it is better understood. Do not think it is a right. You should know that not every husband does things his wife loves. If he is doing it for you, then appreciate him. Thank him when he does little things for you. If he cooks and the meal does not turn out well, do not be angry that he has wasted the stuff. Just appreciate him for taking out time to cook for you. That is not his duty. He has other work to do, so if he can make out time to do little things for you to be happy, then appreciate him whether he does it well or not. This gives him more reason to do more for you.

Use sweet words and put a smile in his face. Compliment your man and keep him interested in you. This will make him love you more. And this is exactly how to make to make your husband happy. You have to know that it is human nature to love to feel appreciated. Anytime one is praised, the feeling to do more overwhelms someone. If your husband is depressed, make him see the brighter side of what he is going through. Encourage him all the time and make him know that you believe in him. He is only human and can get into a wrong contract and end up losing some money, do not insult him and keep make him feel bad for his weakness.

No one loves to be around those who make them feel bad about anything. Always tell him that next time, he will do better. Just praise him for making the efforts of investing in order to bring money into the family. Make your husband feel like you will always be there for him. Tell him how good he looks in that hair cut. Everyone can tell him that but it becomes more special when it is from you. Do not allow others to compliment your man for you. Even if they do, you should be the first to have done that. He will be happy you noticed. Talking nicely or appreciating someone is not only the job of the husband. If you love your marriage, then you will compliment your man. This is what men want in a relationship. This is exactly how to make your husband happy.

Boost his confidence with your compliments. Your positive words mean a lot to him, so don’t withhold it from him. Tell him what you like about him. You can consider telling him how much you love him once a day. This will keep ringing in his mind and he will be confident that he is not only married to a wife but he also has the affections and love of this man.

Understand what makes your husband happy

If you want to know how to make your husband happy, start by knowing those things which makes him happy and do them to give him satisfaction. You may not enjoy doing it because you do not like but that should not stop you from doing it for his sake. When he sees that you are putting in efforts to please him, he will do for you those things which also makes you. Marriage is give and take. What you expect to receive from your partner, give it to him or her. He or she will in return give it back to you. This will also make him love you more

Attend to emotional and intellectual needs

Your husband has an emotional and intellectual need you have to attend to in order to keep him interested in you. You need to know much about these needs and have them at your fingertips. You have to pay attention to the needs of his stomach. You cannot know how to make your husband happy if you do not know his favorite dishes, drinks and even snacks. At any point in time, you should be away to surprise him with the things he likes once he come back from work. This will make him love you more. He should not be able to predict what he will come and meat each time he comes home. Be unpredictable. Just attend to your man’s needs in the best way that you can. This is exactly what men want in a relationship. This takes us to the next point.

Your Appearance should matter to you

Do all you can to appeal to your husband sexually. Most at times we think that because we are married, appealing sexually to our husbands does not really matter. This is not the case. Your man first approached you because of how attractive you were to him at that time. It was your appearance which got him interested. Therefore, your appearance has a great role in keeping your man attracted to you.

A man should not want to be with a woman just because she is his wife but because she appeals to him sexually. He should be moved by what he sees. This does not mean you should dress indecently. You have to be elegant in your dressing. Wear shoes, clothes and even makeup which suit your personality. They should as well suit your husband’s taste. By this time of marriage, you should know what your husband admires and what he does not. There are somethings some men do not admire on women while others do. Some men do not like makeup at all while others do.

If he has always been appreciating makeup, you can go ahead and do it but if he has not, you can still look nice by having your face always freshly washed and moisturized anytime he comes home. The idea is just to look sexually appealing to the man you married in order to keep him interested in you. You can also get good perfumes that makes you smell good for him. He would always want to hold you because of how good you smell. Just make yourself desirable to your man and keep him chasing you till the end. Don’t be contented because he is already your husband. The fact that he is your husband is no guarantee that your marriage will be enjoyable. If you want to enjoy your marriage, do not just cross your hands and do nothing. You have to get to work to keep your love interested in you. This is how to make your husband happy.

Respect your husband

Everyone needs respect. Just the way you want your man to respect,it is the same he wants you to respect him and even lots more. Your respect should not only be in words but also in actions and thoughts. You can speak to him with respect. This means when there is an argument, do not raise up your voice at him. Do not speak back at him. Do not yell at your man. Do not insult him or say something to make your man feel less of a man. If you do this, he will lose interest in you and go for concubines and there will be no romance in the marriage. This will also kill his ego as a man and he will know you do not love.

For a man, if you love him, then you must respect him in your words. When you make your man feel less of a man through your words, he will go out of the house to look for another woman who can tell him what he wants to hear in order to boost his pride. He may also go out with friends and catch some fun in order to forget all the hurtful words you have told him. And you that alcohol is addictive right? Yes, he will start drinking too much and then be a drunk. This will cause serious problems in your marriage. You discover that one step leads to another.

You can start avoiding this at the beginning by respecting your man in what you say. It appears difficult to make your point known during arguments because at that time, everyone knows he or she is right. Just let him be right at that time but when he is a little calm, go and talk to him in a calm tone. This will get his attention and he will therefore see your point. You may speak to a man so respectfully but if your actions do not show it, he will hardly believe you.

Let your respect for him also be in actions. For some men, what you say does not really matter to them as much as what you do. If your husband tells you to cook a specific dish for him and you do, he will know you value his words and you want to make him happy. He knows he is the head of the family and it is your obligation to respect and obey him. In your thought, you should think well of him. If you have to start nursing the respect for your husband in your mind. Think good of him because the way you think of him will be the way you will talk to him. If you think down on your husband, you cannot talk good of him. That is the truth. If in your mind, your husband is all you got and the most important man in your life, you will treat him that way. He will also feel it from your words or actions.

The respect counts a lot. The way you treat you husband will determine how your children will treat him. This is because children learn from their parents by observing what they are doing. If you do not obey your husband’s command or instructions, then do not think that your children will. Respect your husband to keep him interested in you. A man can do anything for a woman who respect him. Respecting your husband is a sign of submission. Submission comes with respect. If you cannot respect your man, then do not claim to be submissive. Submission is not a matter of the heart but of the actions. It should not just end in your words but go as far as showing your husband that you are submissive to you in actions. This is exactly what men want in a relationship and this will make him love you more.

Pamper your husband

If you want to keep your husband interested in you, then you should pamper him. Do this randomly and regularly. This still takes us to the point which says we should what our husbands like. Know his dislikes and keep away from them. Cook his favorite meals regularly and get his favorite drinks. Know where he likes to be cuddled and do that as much as possible. Surprise him with kisses. This will keep your relationship alive. This is what men want in a relationship. They want a marriage that is lively and not boring. You can also get him gifts that you know he likes. Take out the time to get gifts for him. This will show that you value him to the extent of making out time to get things for him. The whole idea is to make him know how special he is in your life and how blessed you are for marrying him. If you for how to keep your husband happy, then you should pamper him.

Be his woman in bed

If you want to keep your husband interested in you, then be his woman in bed. Men are hypersensitive when it comes to sex. It is not just what they want in a relationship but what they need. That is why I want us to discuss it as a separate point. Now let’s look at how important it is to be sexually active for your husband in order to keep him into you.

A woman’s view about romance revolves around her emotional needs. She may want you to cuddle her, hold her, kiss her to prove how much you love. She believes that when her husband does this to her, it means he finds her attractive. A man’s sexuality is not like that of the woman. Unlike the woman, his manhood is primarily expressed through sexual intercourse. His sexual performance with his wife appears more like a need and not a want.

Sex is very important in your marriage if you want to keep your husband always interested in you. It helps you bond to him and create a sense of intimacy in your relationship. As a married woman, make sure you always satisfy your husband sexually. When he is satisfied sexually, every other area in his life works out well. During sexual intercourse, the hormone oxytocin which is produced helps bond couples to each other. This hormone is called the cuddle hormone. When more is released, that bonding between you and your husband increases. He begins to find more reason to cuddle you, get close to you and become more interested in you. When you satisfy him sexually, he is able to sleep well with a peaceful mind and feel accomplished in life. He will find no reason going out to look for other women. A man can go to bed with any lady whether he is in love with her or not but this is different with a woman. She must find a reason to. In fact, she must be physically attracted to you. This is just to tell you that you should satisfy your husband sexually in order to get all his attention on you. Always try to compliment him in bed. He may feel so disappointed if he is not able to give you all the satisfaction you may want in bed. Just compliment him on his efforts, it will help to boost his ego. Here is just one of the ways to keep your man.

Remind him of how much you love him

I may have mentioned this but it is worth reiterating on. Let your husband know how much he means to you. Take some time once a day to send some texts telling him how you feel about him. You may say that he knows but it is worth telling him. Just bring life into your marriage by doing this. This is just one of the ways to keep your man.

Have deep conversations

Have very meaningful discussions with your husband. Make out time to talk with him and discuss on the things which concern your marriage.

Spend time with your husband

Make sure you spend quality time with your husband. When he is having issues in his life, he will need someone to talk to. Spending time with him will be like going on dates or short trips. Do this often to keep your relationship alive. The love in a marriage may be quenched if you guys stop doing those things you used to do when in a relationship. It was these things which made you guys so close. Marriage is a time for you guys to do more of this. As a lady, if you want to keep your husband interested in you, make sure you initiate dates and trips with your husband. This will allow you guys to spend quality time together and build your relationship. This is what men want in a relationship. They want to connect to their wives through quality time. This is just one of the ways to keep your man interested.

Make your husband your priority

No matter how busy you are, make time for your husband and family. Let him know that he is the most important man in your life and every other person comes the second. Make time for him even if your job does not allow you with enough time for other things. Put your family first. This is exactly what men want in a relationship, that is, to be able to get the full attention of their wives no matter how busy they are. Just make your man your priority. It is just one of the ways to keep your man all to yourself. This will keep him interest.

Forget about his wrongs

To err is human. Have that at the back of your mind. This will make you let go of his wrongs. When a man hurts you in one way or the other, try to let it go when he apologizes. He may have done that unintentionally. One of the ways to keep your man interested in you is to try to forget how he wronged you. He may have repented and had decided not to do it again. If you want to know how to make your husband happy, then avoid reminding him of his wrongs. He may be doing all that he can to forget this mistake and you should help him do that. If you want to keep him interested, then try not to remind him of his wrongs.

Do not be a controlling woman

Your man is the head of the family, accept that in order to have a lovely marriage. Your view must not be taken into consideration. It is quite amazing how wives will go at any length to get their husbands to do what they want. Some even tend to yell at their husbands just to get what they want from him. What men want in a relationship is not a woman who is too controlling but a woman who is submissive. If you are look for ways to keep your man interested in you, then avoid being too controlling in that marriage. This will make him love you more.

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