Guide to upgrading your laptop graphics card

Do you have a laptop and you need to play the latest action or horror game? You can purchase that game but you will need to check it runs smoothly on your PC. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade your laptop video card to improve its performance and speed. You will also need to test your laptop to see if it actually supports a new card or not. The following are some tips to upgrade your laptop. Some people make the mistake of getting the wrong graphics card because they don’t even know the specs of their PC.

1.       Check the laptop’s compatibility:

This is practically the first thing you need to check even before going to the shop for a new graphics card. Make sure that your equipment supports a new accelerator bearing in mind that some laptops don’t give you the option to upgrade it. You can read this information on the manual. Call the manufacturer if you still find things unclear. ATI provides the best GPUs under 100 dollars for mid-range laptops and desktops. Check the different models available on Google.

According to some users, Dell laptops are the easiest models to upgrade. Laptops from other manufacturers can run into problems after a month or a short period of time. It is better to invest in a Dell laptop if you think you need an upgrade afterwards.

2.       Precise steps for upgrading your laptop graphics card:

Now, we will go into the steps for upgrading this graphics device. The installation is very simple.

  1. Step 1: remove the hinge. This is the first step to replace the graphics card. Newer laptops don’t have a hinge. Just open the panel located at the bottom of it, and that’s it.
  2. Step 2: Detaching the keyboard is the second step. Remove it and take out the screws you see beneath it. New laptop keyboards come with latches on the chassis.
  3. Take out the display assembly: this step is not easy so be careful. Do it slowly or watch tutorials before you proceed to remove the display assembly. The display assembly, for those who don’t know, makes up the entire laptop screen attached with screws. Some screens are connected to video and Wi-Fi cables.
  4. The laptop shell must be removed also. You’ll see the old graphics card inside the PC once you complete this step.
  5. The last step is replacing the graphics card. You can do it by slotting the device according to the instructions. Or properly insert the video card if you have a laptop.
  6.  Now, you have to re-assemble everything. Once the card is properly installed, go back to assembling everything and leave it like in the former state.

Last but not least, you should also test your new video card. Today, these devices come with a driver. The driver must be installed along with the card, or the gadget won’t run at all. If the product doesn’t come with the driver, google it and download it for free. Once you’ve completed this step, you can start testing the card with the game or application you bought it for.


We hope this article is of great help for the proper installation of your video accelerator. It’s not complicated as long as you read the instructions. Have a happy gaming time.

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