Cycling Around the City – A Lifestyle Upgrade

There are many reasons why cycling is making a comeback. Traffic jams and tight schedules are compelling many commuters to think more innovatively and the humble bicycle offers many solutions for a crowded city. Now that it has become easier to get a bicycle on rent, a healthy lifestyle and better time management are not so difficult to achieve.

Cycling is Great Exercise

Apart from allowing people to negotiate traffic jams and use narrow shortcuts, cycling offers immense health benefits. It improves cardiovascular health. Heart disease is rampant in Indian cities, along with other conditions like high blood pressure and uncontrolled weight gain. Cycling is a low impact exercise that is also an enjoyable experience.

A consistent routine of cycling increases muscle strength and physical reflexes. It also helps people reduce their belly fat and improve core strength and posture. From an emotional and mental perspective, just like other forms of exercise, cycling is very beneficial.

A Green Initiative

Increasing environmental consciousness amongst urban citizens is also a relevant factor in the rise of cycle sharing models in India. Indian cities are seeing an unbearable in local temperatures and air pollution because of the huge presence of vehicles and other exhaust releasing sources. One can be a responsible commuter by picking up a cycle for short distances. A cycle burns the calories but spares the fossil fuels. Even a few hours every week on a cycle can reduce an individual’s carbon footprint considerably.

Major Savings

The price of fuel is on everyone’s minds nowadays. Vehicle owners are stretching their budgets every month just to keep their cars and motorbikes running. Cycling can be a great cost-saving addition. Renting a cycle is the cheapest way to travel and compared to fuel prices the costs are negligible. Commuters who use a cycle instead of a car for just 2 days a week can save up to 3 months worth of fuel expenditure in a year. That is a decent budget for a short vacation right there.

Explore the City

The charm of a city can be experienced on a cycle more than in a car. One can feel the noise and smell the fragrances of the old food streets and evening bazaars. Cycle tours in iconic parts of the town are becoming a popular activity amongst enthusiasts. One can make friends in these groups bonded on a common interest of discovering the city’s many cultural layers. Some of the iconic places for early morning cycling tours include the India Gate area of Delhi, Mumbai’s heritage corridor with its grand architecture, and Bangalore’s Cubbon Park and MG Road– smack in the centre of the city.

Convenient Bike Sharing

Platforms like Pedl have made it easier for commuters looking for a bicycle online. The app-based bike sharing network is very easy-to-use and it costs less than a hundred rupees to rent a cycle for an entire day. All one needs to do is head over to a Pedl station and unlock the cycle using a wallet app. When the trip is done, commuters can drop the cycle at the nearest Pedl station.

Cycle rentals make life much easier. There are many people who are just getting into cycling, so investing in a new one might not be an ideal choice. Renting allows them to enjoy the experience without the liabilities. Storage can be another problem in cities where space is always a premium, another reason why cycle rentals work best.

From health benefits to getting a deeper glimpse of life in the city, there are so many advantages of exploring on two wheels. Cycle sharing is here to stay, helping many Indians achieve a positive lifestyle change.

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