10 Things you’re Definitely Forgetting to Clean

Meta description: Cleaning around the house can be a very fulfilling activity. Especially when you’re done and enjoy all the improvements that a proper cleaning can bring. However, do you always make sure to cover everything?

No matter if we like it or not, at different levels, cleaning is part of our daily activities. From cleaning fanatics and people with OCD, all the way to people that only clean in the last possible moment, we’re all forgetting something every time we clean.HomeExpertReviews website made a research and found 10 things we usually skip when cleaning.


Shelves are easy to get dismissed as a dust-free zone since you’re not interacting with that area that much. However, cupboards and shelves can easily gather dust and you need to wipe them clean with a damp rag and dust the different objects on them.

The Coffee Maker

Admit it, you’re constantly making coffee without realizing the coffee maker needs cleaning as well. Make sure to wash the pot and clean the crannies and nooks on the inside.

Alt – No matter how careful we are, there are spots that are always missed when cleaning

Picture Frames

Standing or hanging, picture frames are easy to be omitted when dusting. Unless it’s a photo that you especially love, you’re most likely to forget about dusting your frames.

The Shower Curtain

You’d think that since you’re using water, soap and shampoo all the time, the shower curtain will be squeaky clean, right? Wrong! The bottom of the curtain is one of the dirtiest things in your bathroom with a predisposition for mold.

A Ceiling Fan

You probably never used it anyhow but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep it clean. You don’t want dirt flying that one time when you turn the ceiling fan on, right?


Even though in the middle of our list, remotes are the most-often omitted objects when it comes to cleaning. Germs gather on them just like on your smartphone, especially if you use it after eating popcorn or other greasy aliments.

Space Between Big Appliances

If you’re having a hard time figuring this one out, think about the space between the countertops and the fridge. Now you know what we’re talking about!

The Mattress

Even though you clean the sheets and change them regularly, very few people consider cleaning the mattress as well. You can use essential oils and baking soda to clean the mattress and flipping it once every 6 months is also recommended.

Alt – The bathroom and kitchen are the rooms with most omitted objects when cleaning


How many times did you notice that the light switch is a lot darker than the rest of the wall? That’s right, start cleaning them with alcohol right away.

The Toothbrush Holder

Saving the worst to last, the recipient that holds your toothbrush is probably one of the most forgotten objects in terms of cleaning. This can lead to serious health issues if germs reach all the way up on the hair of the brush.

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