Important Health Tips you should Remember to Practice Everyday

Despite all the information about health issues being published in the world today, a good number of us do not realize that staying healthy does not have to complicated. Of course sometimes, the information one gets from different sources on daily health tips could be very conflicting and confusing, not necessarily because those who publish the information are not saying the right thing. It is just that in an effort to help others, or maybe draw attention, those who talk about health sometimes go to the extremes. However, there is supposed to be a balance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is not always as much the things we do to our bodies that cause harm as it is the things we fail to do. Here are some very easy or basic tips which if taken seriously and practiced on a daily basis could reduce your health complaints and visits to the doctor by more than a few times. Paying attention and practicing them will make keeping fit and healthy easier than you could have imagined possible. Interestingly enough, these are things everyone can and should be doing.

They are also very effective in making a positive contribution to our health, but since most of them do not sound like the things we have heard so often, there is a tendency to just ignore them and move on with life until you have a pain or unusual feeling that begs for the doctor’s attention. But why spend a few dollars, waste time and go through pains of sickness when all that could be avoided by simple everyday practices that cost practically nothing? We have to come down to one conclusion at the end of the day and that is the fact that the responsibility to follow these daily health tips and keep your body healthy rest solely on your own shoulders.

Stop looking for easy ways out, take the stairs sometimes, walk the distances

Keeping fit and healthy or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is definitely not the easiest venture in the world. Remember the phrase, there is no shortcut or easy way to the top? That phrase is true about achieving your dreams in life, but it is also true about staying healthy. With the right job and house accompanied by a car, most natural activities the body needs and is designed to use for proper functioning could be taken out of the picture all together. For example, this is what a typical day’s routine could look like for an average American. Get up from bed and after breakfast, get straight into the car or take a bus and drive off to work. There an elevator awaits your arrival and with the push of a button or two, you are at the floor where your office is. A few more steps and you are already sitting on a comfortable chair in front of your desk. I bet you don’t even know where the stair way of the office building is located anymore. The same chain of activities is repeated after hours at the office as you get back home. For most people, this routine could happen six out of seven days in a week. And on the seventh, too, much of the time is spent at a spot.

All that may seem to keep you very busy, and feeling like you are actually burning a whole lot of calories. But truth is, you ain’t! At least not as much as is healthy enough for your body. If there is not enough time in a week to visit a gym or jug around the neighborhood, you should consider walking to or back from work or taking the stairs.

These are activities that help you burn sufficient calories a day, and I bet they will go a long way to reduce some strain on your muscles and nerves. Now someone is thinking, oh, if I do any of that, I might be late for work every other day of the week. Truth is, with the right plan for each day, I am quite certain you won’t. You have learned, over time, to use a routine that takes the car and elevators into consideration. Your mind is use to that. In the same light, with the right plan and determination, you can begin using the stairs and walking to or from work. It doesn’t have to be the entire distance. You could walk the trip home, depending on how long the journey is and then take a bus or cab the rest of the trip. The most important of the two is taking the stairs. Try it once or twice a week until you become used to it. In this case too, those who work in one of these sky scrappers could take the stairs for a few floors and then get into an elevator the rest of the way up.

Drink enough water every day

Ever heard of the famous water therapy? Bet you have. It is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy. Needless to say, water therapy is miraculous in the way it works to keep your body healthy. A whole lot of activities that take place in our bodies cannot be done without adequate water. That means dehydration is a definite NO for those who will maintain a healthy lifestyle. But how much effort does it take to just drink enough water everyday?

Oh, and first, how much water is enough water. Frankly, there is no exact measurement that will work for everyone. But most health experts recommend at least two liters of water a day. Most of us are already surviving on much less each day. However, just having enough to survive is not healthy at all. We need enough water to keep our entire bodies functioning properly. So if you have not been taking your fair dose of this miracle liquid, you may want to take a glass of it right now. The saliva in our mouth, to begin with, have multiple functions that range from keeping the mouth clean to aiding in food digestion. But did you know that the amount of water you drink a day directly affects saliva production? This simply means, not drinking enough water could start a chain of activities that inhibit production of saliva. As you may have already guessed, that is not a good thing at all.

Water is also vital for the transportation of food and nutrients in the body, the smooth functioning of cells as well as overall temperature regulation. No doubt water constitutes about 70% of our body mass. It is indeed the most important liquid in the world, but more so for our bodies. A drastic drop in the amount of water intake could cause serious harm to the smooth functioning of the body. At the same time, if one is not drinking as much water as he or she should be drinking, it could lead to slight problems like dizziness, fatigue, loss of memory, irritation and other such things that usually make a person’s day seem much more difficult than it should actually be.

For these reasons, it is important for us to drink water as a routine, not just when we feel thirsty or tired. If you can help it, have a bottle of water with you wherever you go and sip at least a mouthful every now and then. This will help you stay properly hydrated and feeling well and strong through out the day. Soon enough you are going to realize just how important drinking enough water is to keeping fit and healthy. Very few daily health tips can match its importance and effectiveness.

Remember healthy cooking

Most times, we eat because of hunger. So one does not pay as much attention to how food is being cooked as often as they should. But one of the ways to stay healthy is to eat for overall body wellness. If you are going to keep your body healthy, you cannot ignore healthy cooking. We could say that what one eats is just as important as how it is prepared. For example, vegetables ought to be cooked very lightly before eating. The actual nutrients that they carry are usually washed away by excessive boiling. Every single food type has a particular way it should be cooked. It could be undercooked or overcooked. It is possible that for most of your meals, you are not getting the most nutrients that should be gotten from them. So lets quickly mention some few tips on how certain food classes should be cooked and eaten. Remember these should be amongst your daily health tips.

Fruits are usually tender and juicy. They are best eaten natural. No need passing them through some rigorous cooking process before settling down for a meal. By then almost every major nutrient would have been destroyed. When you use fruits for juice, keep it as natural as possible. That is why it is called natural juice. You may need to add some flavors, but make sure it is still different from the bottled juice you find in stores, else there is no need going through the process and pain of making it.

I wouldn’t really say cereals have a particular way they should be eaten, especially because their nutritional value is hardly affected by how we eat them. That of course does not include those who take things too far.

Other things like eggs and diary product should not be ever cooked before they are eater. Get them just tender and ready for the best results.

Lastly, as much as you can, cook your own meal and eat at home. There are several restaurants out there with great chefs and all that. But you cannot always be too sure how those meals are made and the conditions under which they are prepared. To save yourself some health problems, cook your own meals and eat home whenever you can. And did I mention it is also way cheaper than buying food from restaurants?

Eat meals at the right time

It is important to have at least three square meals a day in order to keep your body healthy. Maintaining that three meal program is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy. But what is more important is having those meals at the right time. Your digestive system needs time to breakdown, digest and absorb each meal you eat. If you develop an irregular eating habit, it is going to affect the way your digestive system functions.

So what is the right time to eat each meal? Take breakfast no later than 8:30am, lunch between 1:30pm to 2:30pm and supper latest 8pm. Breakfast, like they say is the most important meal of the day. It starts your day, quickens your whole metabolism and is expected to carry you through the most busy or active part of the day. So eat heavy at breakfast. Just enough to make you comfortably full. Then remember not to eat heavy before sleeping as most of what you eat may not have enough time to digest before you get to bed. Make it a routine to take your meals at the right time everyday and you will surely notice a considerable change in heath.

Avoid eating just for fun

If you have been looking for ways to stay healthy, you cannot make it a habit to eat for fun. Been having too many snacks? Well, it is not good for you. Not all snacks are taken for hunger’s sake and most of those taken for pleasure only usually make it more challenging keeping fit and healthy. A whole lot of them are taken just for the the fun of eating. It is not just snacks though. Those who have the time could actually eat whole meals because they are bored or just for the fun of eating. It is one of the reasons why a lot of people are obese. When you eat more than your body actually needs for growth and strength, excess fat is stored away, leading to excess weight. Apart from that, eating between meals could lead to serious upset your stomach or digestive system.

Take the right sitting posture

Believe it or not, this is one way to stay healthy. It is the computer age and almost everything has to be done sitting in front of a screen. That has of course added to the average person’s sitting time. We may be getting a few more dollars seating longer, but is it worth the health risks? Of course I am not suggesting that everyone who works on a desk or table quits their job. Things could be a lot better if we just sit right. Don’t slump your shoulder forward when you sit. Sit upright, with your shoulders up, your chest straight and head up. Endeavor to keep the computer screen at an angle where the eye or neck is not strained to look at it. You could also sit wrong while in the living room or indeed anywhere. Wherever you sit, just avoid putting too much strain on your back or neck as this may lead to serious spine and back problems.

Remember there is time for everything

Moderation is the spice and balance of life. There is time for everything. A time to eat and a time to refrain from eating. Remembering this golden rule is important for keeping fit and healthy. A time to work and a time to rest. A time to be serious and a time to just chill out and have fun. Don’t take anything to extremes because of perceived benefits. It may seem great at the moment, promising pleasure or return. But truly, in the long run, your health is going to suffer the consequences of over indulgence. Respect your body and give time for everything.

Sleep no less than six hours each day

I think some people just wish their bodies were some kind of machine or robot that could go on and on and on with work. Given! We are living in times when working hard seems to be the only way up. However, our bodies are not designed to function like machines. You need time to rest in other to muster enough strength keep your body healthy and to continue living effectively. Sleep is one of the most important ways that strength comes or is revived.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Life is not always as serious as most of us make it seem, or rather like we would like it to be. One reason a lot of people are stressed is they take everything, including fun people and moments too seriously to sometimes just laugh at things and have a moment of fun. Sure, you have work, school and other things that need some degree of seriousness and commitment to make them work out just fine. However, in the process or daily circle of all those activities, don’t get so caught up in the actions that you never really enjoy the process or journey. Learn to live your life in the midst of all the pressures and demands life may be putting on you. We are all living now. This is life. This is your chance to make the most out of every moment God has so graciously blessed you with. And this must be an everyday consciousness and reality to you. Make up your mind to live every other day and to have the best out of life. Have fun. 

Disengage daily

Isn’t it easy to sometimes just get caught up in the activities of everyday that you are totally lost in it all? It is important to disengage daily in order to engage better. This is very much like the principle of retreating. People who do not retreat on a daily basis usually have to take longer periods to do it, and usually in more expensive forms too. That is one reason why we see people going for vacations. So they can take some time to retreat and be able to muster strength of mind, heart and body again. But really, retreating daily is more effective than doing it big once a year. Find time everyday to disengage from work, people and activities. Spend quality time with yourself and your time spent with others could be more enriching.

Make it a habit to smile

just like crying or laughing, smiling is a show of emotions. It may be more subtle, but still very effective in it’s therapeutic effects, both for the person doing it and those who watch it. It is generally agreed that a smiling face is one the strongest magnets in the world. So what does smiling have to do with your health ? I am sure you know how devasting the effects of stress are. But I bet you did not know that smiling is a wonderful stress reliever. It triggers the release of neuropeptides, which make communication between neurons more effective, thus reducing stress. Besides that, other neurotransmitters which are responsible for feelings of happiness are released when you smile. And as far as research goes, these neurotransmitters play a great role in keeping a check on your heart rate and blood pressure levels. Since smiles are highly contagious, imagine what health therapy you could help others get when you smile at them and have them smile back? That alone will make their day.

Take a break from your cell phone

I know the attachment people have with cell phones is not going to stop anytime soon, especially because there are more enticing reasons to always have one’s cell phone at hand being developed day after day. Now, addictions to cell phones is one of the most common causes of sleep disorders and loss of concentration at work. Those who intend to live healthy and stress free lives must learn to detox from their phones when ever there is something more important to do, and especially when it is time to sleep. So your daily health tips will have to involve the way you use your cell phone.

A healthy lifestyle, though very important is not as difficult to understand and maintain as some people think or like other make it seem. Just by remembering and practicing these health lifestyle tips, one can have their health sorted out.

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