Dig Into Some Top Facts On Pashmina Shawls

Dig Into Some Top Facts On Pashmina Shawls

Many of us are familiar with the soft, fluffy pashmina shawls. However, a lot of people do buy pashmina shawls online and post pictures on social media. The handwoven,
embroidered pashmina shawls are beautiful, warm, and comforting to use. That’s why there’s a huge demand for the shawls of pashmina. People from all over the world do invest their money into buying those.

However, do any of them know the significance behind the fabrics? The pashmina shawls, scarves, and stoles are made from the wood of changthangi goats during the

This fur or wool is the outer layer of the goats that helps them to survive temperate as low as minus 40 degrees. In fact, pure pashmina shawls are usually handwoven and
embroidered, and that’s why quite expensive.

Since these pashmina shawls are made of high quality, people do buy them a lot. However, before you go on to buy pashmina shawls online, you should know a few facts about them. In addition, there are lots of myths and other facts that need to be known about pashmina shawls. So, if you are interested, then go through this article.

Some Engrossing Facts On Pashmina

Pashmina products are something that is considered elite. These shawls are practically an investment. However, it has the finest quality of cashmere wool that keeps you warm. It’s worth mentioning that Angela Jey keeps your desirable pashmina products in bulk. So, before you drop the money to buy beautiful shawls, let’s take a look at some
of the facts surrounding them.

1. The Origin

The pashmina shawls have their origin in the Kashmir region in India. A lot of people do go to Kashmir to buy them. Initially, the Kashmiri people used these shawls to keep them warm during winter. So, if you didn’t know about the origin of these shawls, now you do know.

2. The Pure Ones Are Fluffy

Suppose you have bought a pashmina shawl, and it’s not soft, then there’s a possibility that you have bought a fake one. Generally, the pure pashmina shawls are soft but get fluffy after a considerable amount of use.

Therefore, they aren’t fluffy from the word go. On the contrary, they are soft, smooth, and have a gossamer fineness to them. As it happens on most occasions, sellers mix some chemicals and similar methods to make them extra-fluffy. However, it’s worth noting that the authentic shawls aren’t like that.

3. Hand-Woven Feature

As we mentioned earlier, the proper and genuine pashmina shawls are completely handwoven by skilled artisans. In fact, weaving does require a lot of experience and expertise. However, since it’s completely handwoven, it’s a nice artistic embroidery. Therefore, the art of weaving pashmina shawls is also passed on from generation to
generation among the people of Kashmir.

4. Major Source Of Income For The Kashmiri People

Selling pashmina shawls, scarves, and other products is one of the local Kashmiri people’s major sources of income. In addition, they are involved in the weaving process of the pashmina shawl for sustenance. So, if you want to support them, you can buy pashmina shawls online.

5. Takes A While To Make Them

Since it’s handwoven and embroidered, naturally, it takes a long time to make them. Generally, the time required depends on the amount of work to be done. According to the locals, it takes around 72hrs or more to complete a shawl.

Final Thoughts:

So these were some of the most engrossing facts on pashmina shawls, scarves, and products in general. Now it’s time to buy pashmina shawls online and wear the soft,
warm shawl; that’s a standard in itself.

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