For Aspiring Sports Stars, Secrets to Realizing your Dreams

Every one who aims to build a career in sports looks at those who have made it in their specific sport discipline and desire to be like them or even greater. In the heart of every person who has started along a humble path is a desire to rise above their peers and make those whose honor they represent proud of their achievements. Many times, those who engage in the field of sport are carrying the flag and reputation of a whole nation on their shoulders. So being an athlete could sometimes be tough on one’s personality. Thats a great responsibility but at the same time, it could prove to be a formidable motivation to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to rise to the top and win every time there is a competition. Every field has space to accommodate a large number of famous people, but those who get to the top and make a mark in their fields do not get there by wishing or simply desiring to be there. If you have been in a particular sports domain for some time now and you are wondering why you have not been able to rise, you may need to understand and take the following highlights to heart. Make a summary of them and revisit them as often as possible in order to constantly keep things in perspective.

Choosing your sports

This is probably the first secret of success for successful athletes. You have not started on your path to greatness in the sports field if you have not chosen the sport discipline to build a career in. even the most hardworking athletes have to start here. It is possible for people to have interest in more than one sports discipline. That will be ok if you are doing it just for fun. But if you are looking to be great in a sport career, you have to make a choice and stick to one thing. Remember the old saying “jack of all trade, master of none”? That statement holds here too. Those who will excel in any field must have one thing they put their efforts in. So if you have not made the decision, now is the time to choose which sport discipline you are passionate about and forget about the rest. Give that one your all.

It is important to know that choosing one of the many sports domains available must be a matter of passion. Don’t make a choice based on what you think will bring quick success or fame. Don’t get into one because you know some of those who have succeeded and are hoping that they will help you get to the top easier. Sports is a thing of passion and only the most passionate and hardworking succeed to get to the top. If there is a particular one you will rather get involved in or you are willing to let go of the others for it, then that is the one you should stick to and give it all your attention.

Get you some motivation and stay motivated

Like in every other career, it is important to be and stay motivated to go on. Successful athletes are those who stay motivated about what they do. It is challenging to be a hardworking athlete if you do not keep that motivation to go on. Without that motivation, whatever efforts you have to put in will seem more burdensome than they actually are. Motivation and passion makes hard work a lot easier. One secret of success in the athletic field, as you will find out sooner or later, is to stay motivated at all times. The reason why so many sports stars are willing to put in the amount of effort and time they put into training is that they have first learned to stay motivated. Motivation is what drives a man to practice for hours, to avoid certain things that may become a hindrance and in general to make great sacrifices that propel him or her closer to the goal. It is one thing to become motivated, it is another thing to stay motivated. And frankly, you will sooner or later realize that it is much easier to be motivated than to stay motivated. There are a few way you can become motivated.

Spend some time watching videos of those you admire in your field. Get documentaries and movies if available. Seeing their struggles and their desire to stay focused and move on against all odds will help you keep your hopes up and get the right perspective of what the road to greatness is like. Sometimes, people loose motivation because they are not conscious of the struggles they will have to overcome. So when challenges come, they are almost taken by surprise. This could make it difficult to stay optimistic and willing to do what it takes to get to the dreamland.

Staying motivated however will take a great deal of right mind attitude and commitment to discipline. These are not qualities you get out of the blues. They have to be developed. You must build the right mental attitude. One that stays focused on the positive side of things. Without that, every challenge is simply going to break you down and take away your motivation to move on.

Have an icon sports personality as a mentor

One thing that keeps a dream alive and ablaze is looking at someone or a group of people you admire. It is just part of being an athlete. If you were to do an interview with successful athletes, most of them will tell you they had someone they admired and were mentored by in order to get to where they are now. Keeping in tune with their achievements makes you willing to put in the efforts that they have put in to get to where they are.

One other reason why having an icon is important is the fact that you can follow their personal ideas about how to get to the place of success. Every star has a different testimony with regards to how they became successful. But you cannot listen to every person. That is where the concept of a mentor comes in. Mentors are meant to guide you through your experiences by giving you instructions and information that they have learned through painful experiences. That means you will not have to go through the pains of some of those experiences again and that is one secret of success.

Appreciate the process

The road to success is no doubt paved with several obstacles, but there are also wins and successes from time to time. You can enjoy the process while pressing towards the dream. On your way to that place you have dreamed about, make sure you have and keep an attitude that appreciates the process. Enjoy every part of the journey. Stay focused on the bright side of things and avoid taking your failures or shortcomings too seriously. Our dreams are a vital aspect of our lives, but there are other things that are a blessing to us as well. Those things usually motivate us to to move on. For example, though there could be some difficult times in your career, your family may be doing just fine. You may also be just as healthy and strong as an ox. You may see opportunities coming in from time to time and people around you who are willing to help you progress from one stage of the process to another. These “little” blessing should constantly be appreciated if you are going to make it through.

Hardworking athletes put in a lot of effort and improvements may not always come as fast as they would like. But if they learn to appreciate the process, it will be a lot more pleasurable and bearable. Keeping your focus on them rather than the failures is one important secret of success. They may not be about your career but they are surely connected. For example, without great friends and family to encourage you, the process will turn sour. Without the progress you see, no matter how small it may be, there will be no fun in pressing on. Find a way to look at the better side of the process and appreciate the good things that are happening. This will serve as a push towards your dreams even when things are not going on well. 

Believe in yourself and Get yourself out

Your very first fan must be self. This is an important part of being an athlete. You will hardly see successful athletes who did not believe in themselves. They may have struggled with their convictions of who they are and what they can do, but one way or the other they believed they had what it takes to make it. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you. There is so much potential in every one of us and those potentials do not always come out easily. It is easy to look at a great man or woman in any area of life and exclaim; “oh he or she is very talented”.

Talent is important but if you are not confident about being talented, you will never develop your potentials. It is difficult even for people who are talented to believe in themselves and put in the effort needed to develop their talent. That is because at the beginning, one may fail several times. Mistakes will be made and you will have to learn from those mistakes. You will fall many time but getting back on your feet, dusting yourself and moving on is what makes the difference between those who are successful and those who are unsuccessful. After a few initial fails, what will keep you moving is that firm believe in your ability to make it through. Believing that you have what it takes to correct those errors and bring out a better version of yourself. Without this self confidence, every mistake or failure will simply weaken your motivation to go on.

One other thing self confidence does for you is, it silence the doubts of others, compelling them to believe in and support your talents and dreams. It is amazing how many people who once resisted you begin to support and encourage you once you hold your ground and dare to believe in yourself. That is what it means to be tough. There are too many people with potentials shrinking back from building themselves and bringing out their talents because others do not believe in them and even dare to mention it.

When you believe in yourself, you will be able to display your potentials and abilities for people to see. Talents that are not developed and on display will profit no one. But unless you actually believe in what you have got, it will be difficult to forcefully push it out for people to see. The world of today has so much potentials and several platforms for people to display their talents and abilities. The days are long gone when one needed to do a lot of paper work and know several important people in order to get their talents endorsed and put on display. Social media is everyone’s gateway to the public. By making use of social media tools, you are able to put yourself out and get people to support your dreams morally and financially.

But another problem may arise here. It is not very easy to get social media approval. Don’t be misled by the social media likes you may have seen on the posts of other people. Many of them have taken years to get there. It could sometimes be discouraging to put up something and not get as much social media approval as you will like to. But if you really believe in what you are doing, that will not move you. It will just be a motivation to move on and be more dedicated to get better.

Belong to a team or club, no matter how insignificant

Most sports are done in teams. But even those done by individuals usually have clubs that bring people in the same field together. This is an important way to build yourself up and get encouragement and it helps you keep the pace with other hardworking athletes. You don’t need to be part of the best team or most popular club to succeed. You just have to be part of one where there is a genuine team spirit and desire amongst team or club members to help each other grow. Remember, if the team goes up, you go up with it. If the team stays low, you stay at that level with it. This brings us to our next point of interest.

Be passionate and committed to the team

As you must have heard in the past, there is no “I” in team. If you belong to one, then you must selflessly give your best to it because your success is closely dependent upon that. It takes the efforts of everyone on board for a team to succeed. Looking at soccer stars like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, it is clear that a man’s team forms the base platform for him to rise to the top. Barcelona for example is known to be one of the most cooperative soccer teams. But that happens because every team member is not committed to self glory but to team success. In working to make the team succeed, they all shine and have become famous. Needless to say, that is surely their biggest secret of success.

Practice every other day

Even the most dumb people would become better if they are committed to regular practice. And this is one secret of successful athletes; their commitment to practice or training to become better. If you are passionate about a sport, there is going to be a desire to practice it. However, practice for pleasure is different from practice for self development. It is practice as a commitment that yields results. Sometimes, you are not going to feel like it, but if you make it a commitment, then your mind is prepared to do it even when it does not feel like it.

The goal is to become better everyday, so avoid trying to do what should take a few days in a day. Have a few hours of practice each day. Know and respect your limits. It is good to push your limits every now and then, but knowing your limits helps you not to breakdown in the process. The goal of frequent practice is becoming better every day, not being your best in a day. Take delight in the fact that you are able to stay committed to daily practice, not necessarily in attaining your perceived goals always. Consistency is the glory of daily practice and it is just part of being an athlete. It can take anyone to their destination. It can break through the most formidable hindrances and bring out your best potentials. Like they say, by consistence and persistence, water wears aways the rock.

Mind what you eat

Everyone ought to be careful about their diet, but athletes, like musicians have to be even more careful not only about what they eat but even when they eat. It takes a great deal of energy to engage in any serious sports discipline. In addition to that, the mind is fully engaged. This means that one’s diet should be able to contribute to their mental and physical fitness. Hardworking athletes may have to work even harder if they do not eat right. Depending on what sport discipline you are involved with, a doctor or health personality should be able to give good advice on this. Some foods aggravate weight gain and make it difficult to build muscles. If they are not avoided, all your efforts to stay fit will be defeated.

Keep fit

The success of every athlete is closely connected to his or her fitness. Mind you, fitness in this sense does not mean having well developed muscles. It simply means keeping one’s mind and body in the condition that best helps them perform well in the sport. Implying that whatever hinders this purpose should be avoided. Being an athlete is being able to keep fit. Fitness is a quality you only see in the most hardworking athletes.

Stay around the right people

Dealing with people is inevitable. We cannot avoid it. But having the right people surround you could be a tremendous blessing, helping you navigate faster towards your dreams and aspirations. The right people will encourage you even through your failure. They are people who genuinely believe in you, so they are able to see beyond your failures, fears and anxieties. On the other hand, you are going to meet people who always want to talk you down. Those who cannot see beyond your errors. They will judge you and place a sentence on your future based on temporary changes and challenges you may be going through. Avoid such people at all cost. There is a great deal of discouragement that comes from your mind and judgment of yourself. No need to make things worse by hanging around people who will aggravate the problem.

Respect officials

Whether you are with a team or alone, there are going to be officials assigned to manage and develop your talent. Sometimes, these people may not be as talented as you are. They may not have even had the experience of what you are doing. For example, not all soccer team managers and coaches have actually been soccer players before. As a matter of fact, most of them do not have that experience. But their career is not to play. It is to direct and manage those who do. Most times, they will be the ones to give recommendations necessary to get you to the next level. They may sometimes be hard and seem to push you to the extremes but that is part of developing what is in you. There is no need to fight or resent them for what they do.

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