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Top 5 Tips To Make House Cleaning Easier For Everyone

“A man’s house is his castle”; having said that your home is where you come to at the end of a long day to rest and relax and it is imperative that your house is kept in the best of conditions. Given below are some tips and tricks that you can use in order to ensure that your house is spick and span:

Getting rid of grease and dirt that build up on your kitchen cabinets:

Over time you would have noticed discolored spots on your kitchen counters and cabinets. These spots are nothing but build ups of dirt and grease. You can get rid of them by first heating up a slightly damp sponge or wet cloth and in your microwave (20 to 30 seconds should be sufficient) and then spray the countertops with an all-purpose cleaning agent mixed with some orange oil. Afterward, wipe down the counter with the hot cloth. For more stubborn stains; let the cleaning agent sit on it for a while (maybe 5 minutes or so) before wiping it down.

Polish your countertops using a microfiber cloth

After cleaning your countertops with your preferred cleaning agent, rub them dry with another towel or microfiber cloth and then to give it a sleek and polished look wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Your Mattress 

There isn’t a way to clean mattresses as such seeing as how they’re far too big however there is a method to make them feel and smell fresher again. In a small container mix together five drops of any essential oil whose smell you like most with some baking powder. Then sprinkle this concoction over your mattress and wait for an hour or two before vacuuming it off the mattress. The baking soda absorbs oils that have been absorbed into your mattress and the essential oil gives it a fresh fragrance.

Removing Pet Hair From Sofas And other Furniture 

Take duct tape and wrap it around a paint roller. Duct tape is sticky and that makes it perfect for picking up all of those stray hairs that are left lying around on your favorite couch or sofas by your pet cat or dog.

Removing Soap Scum From Bathrooms

Soap has a certain way of forming a film on bathroom surfaces. These films are tough to remove and make give your bathroom an unsightly look. These stains cannot be gotten rid of by simply rubbing with an all-purpose cleaning solution; rather wait until they have dried and then use a 4-inch plastic putty knife that will enable you to scrape them off your bathroom floors and walls. You can also clean your shower doors by using a glass cleaner and scraping off the tougher stains with a razor.Use a synthetic shower gel instead of soap to reduce the scum build up.

The tips given above should make it easier for you to ensure that your house remains in the best of conditions and is clean, neat and tidy all the time.

About Us

This is maid2match and we are the number one rated house cleaning company in Townville. This company was founded as a result of the frustration of 3 brothers as they were not at all happy after seeing the state of the cleaning company market. Our goal is to provide quality and effective services to our customers. Through our online website, you can book your cleaning service in less than 60 seconds. We offer all sort of cleaning services, and the best thing about it is that all our employees are well trained and professional in their work, which will surely give you more than what you expect.

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