5 Human Foods Cats Can Eat

By Tony

One of the most essential issues for every cat owner is how to feed your pet. You want your fluffy friend to be healthy and full of energy, right? Then you need to provide a proper daily ration for them.

Shared Food – Bad or Good?

It would be so convenient to treat your kitten to the same food you are cooking for yourself. Unfortunately, humans and animals have different needs. There are some strict taboos in a cat’s diet, like alcohol, garlic and onion, chocolate, avocado, grapes, and also a list of products that are not as harmful unless given in large amounts.

If you still choose to go with a natural home-made diet rather than commercial cat food, keep reading! We are going to tell you about the products that you should put into the cat’s bowl.

  • Meat is an essential component of a diet for felines – not only for wild predators but for their little domestic relatives as well. Meat is the main source of proteins so important for body functioning.

  • Fish is also rich in nutrients. But beware: it shouldn’t be the main component of the diet. The excessive amount can be harmful, so it is advised to give cooked boneless fish about once a week.

  • Vegetables and greens, for instance, green beans, steamed broccoli or spinach. You can also grow wheat, barley, and oats in a pot.

  • Cheese is another product which should be given with a caution. Grown-up cats, as a rule, develop lactose intolerance. But it’s okay if you feed a small bit of cheese or butter as a special treat.

  • Boiled eggs are a great source of protein. There is one thing you need to keep in mind: eggs are rather allergenic, so check the reaction of your pet.

Special Diet for Diabetic Cats

Just like humans felines are exposed to various health issues, including diabetes. In this case, they require special care. Consult your vet and look through a review of food for diabetic cat in order to choose the most appropriate food.

No doubt, your kitten will be grateful if you find a balance between delicious and nutritious food. Sometimes your pet gets excited over an attractive smell, but you should always consider whether it is safe for their sensitive digestion system.

What about your cats? Do they have the favorite food?

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