Quick Tips: Who You Need To Notify Before You Move

Moving is a big and complicated task. There are tons of things to remember like packing the useful stuff, booking the movers, taking kids out of the school, looking out for a new home, and much more! It is quite likely that you would miss out one or two. Amidst the chaos of organizing your move, there is a list of important people who should be informed about your relocation so that the next time your friends reach you parcel it should not go to your old place.

Here are the quick tips for all those who you need to notify when you are moving to a new place:

1. Family and Friends

The first ones you would want to start with is your friends and family. Tell your friends and family about the exact address you are moving to. The best way to do is to use social media. Post Facebook statuses of your new address, send SMS to people or send emails to your friends and families. Give calls to very important contacts.

 Or throw a small party so that you can get a chance to have a get-together one last time at your old place with your nearby friends and family. The better option would be to throw a housewarming party. This would let your friends and relatives come to your new place and see your home for themselves. This would also help you have a really good start to making memories at your new house.

 2. Old and New Employer

You might have to leave your current job if you are moving to a long distance. Though you’ll give your current employer a notice period of 2-week, they will need to know your current address for your tax/benefit forms and another document, so inform them of your new address before you leave.

Also, don’t forget to tell your new employer about your new address so that the new company would be able to pay stubs and send other important information to you.

3. Your Landlords

If you’re renting, read the lease papers carefully to know how much of notice you have to give. Before your moving company in Brooklyn NY arrives, inform your landlord about the dates of the month when you would be moving out. Inform with a written letter which includes your new address just in case your landlord has to reach you to return a security deposit, or for any other reason.

4. Utility Companies

While you are planning for your great move, take some time out to contact the utility companies so that you can discontinue the services timely before you leave the place. Inform the gas, internet, sewer, cable, water, trash, and, electricity companies about your move.

Also, make sure that you’ve informed your new utility companies about your new address and move-in date so that you can have all of the facilities and utilities set up once you move to your new place.

5. The Post Office

Go to the post office and file an official change-of-address. You can visit the post office in-person if it’s near to you else go to the USPS website or through a postcard.

6.The IRS

Get your address changed with the Internal Revenue System (IRS). It is not a hassle anymore to change your address with the IRS. All you need to do is to go the official IRS website and fill out a “moving soon” form online.

7.  Insurance Companies

Inform all your insurance agencies about your new home address. They need your new address so as to continue sending you important notifications and bills. Most of the companies will allow you to change the address online.

The home and auto insurance policies may vary in price depending on your destination.


Get in touch with your local DMV/BMV and get a new registration number and license updated with your new address, as soon as possible.

9. Banks and Credit card agencies

Contact your bank and other financial institutions and tell them your updated information by visiting them in person, over the phone, or by visiting their respective websites.

10. Doctors

If you have any serious health issues and you want to make sure that you don’t have any problem in receiving the medical care, update your doctor and your pharmacies with your new address.

11. Others

Don’t forget to inform your alma mater so that you don’t miss any of the invitations in the future. Inform your newspapers, newsletter organizations, magazine subscriptions about your new address.

Write down all the people and the agencies that you want to inform about your new address so that you do not miss out any. Good Luck!

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