Persuasive and Classification Essay

Before you start the writing assignment, you need to understand what an essay is and what its principal differences are from other types of creative writing. Let's start with the definition.

The essay is a genre of literary prose of small volumes and free composition. In an essay of this type, an individual impression or opinion of the author concerning a particular topic is conveyed.

Persuasive Essay

Now when I write my paper such as a persuasive essay I'm either attempting to convince someone to agree with a version of the facts. They may try to explain why one should take a certain stance or position on a certain matter. In other cases compel someone to take action on a certain matter.
Now one needs to introduce how they perceive a certain issue taking into consideration both sides of the story in the persuasive essay they develop. Now in order to encourage support of your point of view on the matter you need to inform on both view points and then reason out why the intended reader should agree with your position on the matter.
To begin your persuasive essay you must take an objective approach. You need to inform the readers of the matter you will discuss. Remember always have sufficient reliable information that will support your position. Now when it comes to creating a support base for your stance in the persuasive essay you write you must make sure that you use facts, logic based analysis and quotations from individuals dedicated to the subject of your persuasive essay.
Now remember a truth is a belief held by a majority that has no supporting facts. So make sure that you back up your points of persuasion with facts not truths in your persuasive essay.
Now in developing a persuasive essay you have to analyze both sides of the story and find the strengths that you can present in favor of your stance and seek any weak links in the information that you can use to break down the opposing stance.

Classification Essay

A classification essay categorizes and organizes matter or issues into groupings. To allow for better comprehension or further understanding of a certain subject or object is the purpose of the development of a classification essay. Certain classification essays organize and divide matter in easily distinguishable categories. Other classification essays attempt to show similarities or disparities according to a certain organizational pattern.
First in a classification essay you have to organize matter according to relation or advantageous categorization. Remember having too many or too detailed classifications will make your classification essay ambiguous and ineffective. A classification essay should follow a certain organizational pattern that should be a constant through out your work. In order to further clarify your classification essay you can mention examples that can be grouped according to a form of categorization to provide guidance through balanced illustration.
You have to judge according to the material with which you are creating a classification essay the number of groupings you need to divide it in. Too many categories of grouping will render your classification essay to be ineffective and confusing. If you use too few groupings in categorizing the matter then objective of your classification will be lost
In the development of your classification essay you must predetermine the organization of the categories according to which you will group the matter. Your categorization of matter in to groups must be clear, coherent and accurate. Since there is no designated methodology that you necessarily have to work in accordance with it is recommendable to define the classification process you have used and applied the matter into groupings with.

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