Ice Hockey: Complete Safety Guide For Young To Adults

Nowadays ice hockey is more or less familiar to most of us. It is very popular among young or adults. Ice hockey is a rapidly growing sport that people play on the ice. Collisions may happen every time you play ice hockey. So you need to wear safety equipment and gears to avoid injuries.

Each year a lot of people gets admitted to the hospital and most of them are youth who is under 15 years. So to reduce the amount of these injuries there is no alternative but to follow the safety instructions properly. This will help you enjoy the game more conveniently. A total safety guide to playing ice hockey is given below.

What Equipment Are Required To Be Safe Playing Ice Hockey?

Most hockey player wears the type of head-to-toe protection including certified safety equipment and well-fitting gear. Face shield hockey helmets, hip, shoulder, mouth guards, and knee pads, chest protectors, gloves, as well as the right hockey skates and sticks are all necessary gaming equipment for both professional and recreational hockey players.

Hockey Sticks: To play ice hockey the first thing that you need is a hockey stick. Hokey sticks have a different variation for left- or right-handed players, depending on the curve of the blade, but youth skaters generally use a straight blade stick. You must play with it keeping in mind avoiding any kind of injury. This will ensure safe game.

Hockey Skates: You should maintain your hockey skates and keep them sharp for the perfect performance and control and reduce ankle injuries. When it comes to hockey skates, it may be wise to invest in well-known brands you could check here, but youth hockey players grow so fast kids can often find used skates with plenty of ice time still in them.

Hockey Shoulder Pads: Hockey shoulder pads people use over the head and include a chest and back protector. This provides total protection for the shoulder joint, clavicle, shoulder girdle, and chest. They use one piece and hockey players can move their arms and shoulders freely have a full range of motion while using the hockey stick. People use shoulder safety pads as safety gear.

Goalie Gear: In ice, hockey goalies appear to wear a suit of flexible armor on the ice. In fact, you may find some goalies wearing nearly 50 pounds of gear on the ice. Because they have to face a ball with might be coming towards them with a great speed. And sometimes they might get into a collision with a player to save the goal so they require heavy protection.

Helmet for hockey goalie is made of fiberglass or Kevlar. Also, there has a goalie mask that protects the neck. Goalie leg pads not only saves the knees, but they are designed for restrictions, to provide the goalie an additional blocking surface. The goalie also uses a catching glove and a backhand glove to help stop the puck. The goalie stick is a larger blade to help with blocking shots and protecting flying pucks.

Hockey Mouth Guards: The protection of the mouth is very important in ice hockey. Mouth-guards is another important equipment that reduces the risk of injury to the face, mouth, jaw, and teeth. Mouth guards are a special type of safety gear people considered as must use safety gear during sports such as hockey that have a high risk of injury to the face, knee, jaw, and mouth. You should take care of your mouthguard properly to avoid injury.

Hockey Gloves and Elbow Pads: Hockey gloves ensure full protection for the hands and other parts of the body within compromising a player's grip on the hockey stick. Thumb injuries are very common during hockey, so try to purchase gloves that have enough thumb protection. The glove's palm and cuff need ensure that is enough protective.

Hockey Pants and Hip Pads: Hockey pants are equally important and hockey pants nowadays are made with pads built inside to cover and protect the hips, knee, kidneys, and tailbone. Good pants can prevent your pads from sliding out of place from injury. Your garter belt should be check properly before wear. This will increase the safety on your game.

Hockey Leg Guard, Knee Guard, and Shin Guard: These three are the most important guards for hockey players. You should check the features of these guards that will protect you during the game. The fit should be close, not bulky and you should have freedom of movement in the legs.

Final Words: Now that you know the best ways to keep yourself safe, get out there and hit the ice. Hockey is a great game that you'll want to play for many years. Just give some time to your safety and play according to the rules. Simply by following the steps and safety measure, you can avoid accidents and injuries.

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