5 Ways you can treat erectile dysfunction without taking any medication

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you also probably suffer embarrassment of poor performance. Men are prone to judge themselves too harshly in such a situation. The fear of inability to rise to the occasion becomes a nightmare and causes severe stress to most men. You will risk loss of your dignity and self-worth if you regard this state as a weakness or failure. Have confidence in knowing that you can always improve and eliminate impotence with and without medication. You probably know for example, that regular exercise reduces anxiety and depression. Take note of other beneficial activities in your grasp to make as much progress as you can before you seek conventional medicine. The power is right in your hands and within your reach.

For medication, seek the services of a specialist but here are five ways to rectify your ED condition without taking any medication.

Daily Walks

Walking is perhaps the weirdest solution you will ever hear. However, walking up to two miles a day is proven to improve sex life. Walking alone will not give you the results you need. It is a first step in a series of activities and precautions to help you maintain good sex. It is important to note that walking is extremely important.

This simple exercise improves blood flow through the body. Moreover, it helps maintain a trim waistline that is a good defense for ED. Your effort to cut weight is therefore, an essential part in the process of preventing and treating Erectile Dysfunction. Studies reveal that healthy lifestyles eliminate ED. Begin by walking.


Beware that stress is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Causes of stress in men can be as wide and varied as possible but predictable. They range from work-related problems to family obligations, finances and peer influence. The problems eventually contribute to poor performance in bed. What makes the problem even worse is the realization of a fall in performance. Instances of impotence create frustration in other sexual occurrences. This results in more stress that complicates the situation and adversely affects the partner.

Getting needled is a new treatment for everything from back pains to depression. Since ED is generated by frustration and a negative state of mind, acupuncture is helpful too. Acupuncture is the best alternative therapy that is completely reliable. It involves placing fine needles on various parts of the body to relieve pain and strain.

There are many studies with varying findings about this treatment and its effect on ED. However, most of them confirm positive results. It has been proven to not only restore the quality of erection but also complete sexual activity to half of the participants.

Boost Your Pelvic Muscle

just like every other muscle in your body, if you do not use it; you are bound to lose it. Exercising the pelvic muscle helps it to stay stronger and maintain your sexual strength. The bulbocavermosus muscle is the main muscle that you need to maintain here. A strong bulbocavernosus will transform your penis before, during and after sexual activity.

When the muscles around your penis are active and strong, they help push blood into the penis to guarantee an erection. You need blood in your penis to rise to the occasion when called for action at any time. Feed and exercise your muscles to avoid the embarrassment of not getting enough erection.

Common training includes pelvic floor exercise like Kegel. Most assume that it is only meant for women recovering from child birth when, in essence, contract and release vital muscles that control reproductive organs.

Water Melon

Unknown to many, water melon has major effects on the strength of your erection. It is so effective that it is regarded as nature’s Viagra. The juice contained in water melons contain special amino acids called L-citruline in high concentrations. They help to improve blood flow to the penis which is essential to keep it erect during intercourse.

Studies indicate that patients who suffered from ED and took L-citruline experienced major improvement in sustaining an erection. Since this amino acid is abundant in water melon. The fruit becomes an essential healing agent. Most importantly, water melon is cheaply available on the market all year round. The juice is also easy on the stomach and there are no side effects as opposed to tablets and other commercialized treatment methods.

Enough Sleep

As easy as it sounds, sleep is extremely important to your overall health. It is a physiological process that balances your functioning. Experts have found that getting enough sleep boosts your testosterone levels. The American Medical Association reported that poor sleep lowers these levels especially among healthy-looking young men.

The national sleep foundation campaigns for at least 9 hours of daily sleep for adults. However, they note that if you find your sleep time refreshing then you are getting enough sleep in your case.


This article about Erectile dysfunction was brought to you by Alphamaleland – . Alphamaleland sells male enhancement supplements that men can use to improve sex drive and increase libido. After learning the variety of causes of ED, you realize there is no need to rush for conventional medicine. Take time to assess your situation that may cause your fall in performance. You can consider a variety of healthy living tips to restore your dignity and masculinity. Avoid judging yourself too harshly and hiding in shame when it is a problem you can take care on your own without much of the external help.

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