Quick introduction of the approach and the composition of the Shot blasting device

Shot blasting machine is used to remove unwanted metal waste on the surface of finished products. This is done to obtain a uniform surface and make it portable for paint and other applications and is also used to clean the rust, to improve the surface. So in order to clean the metal grit with considerable electrical power quickly affects the stone content on a strong stereo sensation floor. The solution processed in this way is not only of excellent quality but also of beautiful appearance. This technique is very powerful in terms of fast processing speed and low price. This is a promising program in the field of stone materials.

The very first sandblasting machines in the world originated a century ago in America. First, it was mainly used to remove a variety of metal contaminants or oxide and pores, thereby increasing the surface area and strengthening the surface of the steel. Due to its advantages, such as considerable efficiency, environmental protection, and shot recycling, it has gradually replaced the conventional sandblasting equipment in the production. After a century of development, shot blasting machines have evolved significantly and their software is not limited to different sectors anymore.


Shot Blasting also has multiple uses wherein it can remove hard scrapes, scales and burrs, being an excellent source of rust remover. Since it does effectively clean surface corrosions that may interfere with the part's integrity, blasting becomes a reliable approach to surface treatment. Whether it is surface preparation for coating or removing harsh contaminants off the material, shot blasting provides the best result and a suave surface profile that increases surface life and coating firmness.


Shot Blasting somewhat varies from shot peening as in the latter a powerful compressive force induces the hard media to strike the area and generate surface change that increases surface strength and increases its fatigue life by providing strength and giving metal feasibility.


In the 70s of the 20th century, BLASTRAC created the first movable shotblasting tools on the planet. Its area of application was rapidly extended to concrete flooring methods and surface coating methods for the corrosion protection of metals on the ship's deck. This directory led to the specification of the commercial standard and construction method. By using the BLASTRAC shot blasting tools, which are characterized by constant improvement and technological maturity, the type of equipment has also been extended from the first handle to the car or car in several ways. The shot array has also evolved from the authentic 25CM to critical products of different widths that stand out for their performance and function. Its types of vehicles include electrical equipment, hydraulic loads, gasoline engines, diesel engines, etc. Accompanied by sandblasting maturity, constant technical innovation, and diversified equipment sorting, sandblasting process and equipment extended from the original deck covering to airports, roads, bridges, and design areas thanks to its unique technological attribute, it has gained massive application in European and American countries around the world.

The main components of the shot blasting device are ejector, feed and discharge belt, metal grain transmigration method, vehicle handle system and environmental safety technology. The centrifuge ejector will be the heart of part of the gear. The metal grit passes through the spiral valve into the ejector wheel. The measuring vessel accelerates the metal grit to the speed of the ejector wheel. A coarse metal grain guides the deflection control tube to the lifting plate and is ejected to the treatment article in the shot chamber. The volume of the shot stream is controlled by the spiral valve. By adjusting the deflection drive line groove to determine the grain angle of injection, although steel grit shot speed is determined by the speed of rotation of the wheel.


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