How to Get Your Ex Back with Text Messages

After a breakup, we feel heartbroken and hope for everything to reconcile once again. We try so hard in different ways to get our exes back. Sometimes we try to get a voodoo love spell which may or may not actually work at all. But it is all about how you treat your ex with your words and attitude and that is the most important part here.


When a relationship ends, we look for the changes of our ex-partner for which the relation actually did not work out. We expect if the person were changed like he/she was at the first place and when we see those changes finally, we think of getting back together again. So, to prove yourself and let your ex know about your changes, you need to contact him/her. But the way of contacting or convincing is the most sensitive issue here and you need to say things smartly.


Texting is one of the most effective spells to get your ex back. Because, when you call your ex, there are possibilities to mess things up once again with your words or you may not talk everything exactly how you wanted to tell. Talking after a long time over the phone makes the situation more confusing and makes a person dumb sometimes. So, the best and worth way is texting. Do write whatever you want to tell to get your ex back. Tell him/her how you’re feeling, how terribly you need him/her back in your life and other emotional words.


Things you should remember are, do not annoy the person with loads of texts and do not exaggerate things through texts. When you send too many texts a row in a day without getting replies, it is insulting and at the same time, there is no possibility to get your ex back. Also, if you desperately talk about things you should not say at this moment, you are not getting any chances rather you are messing things up again.


Love spell is a powerful magic trick that is cast upon a person you want to have or get back into your life. If that particular person is slightly interested in you or not at all these magic tricks can work when the energy is received by the person you are expecting to. Using eternal things including dolls and other living things with candles on and by remembering the person with full concentration and completing other rituals, one can cast love spells even not being a witch.


However, do you really think it actually works every time people cast upon someone a love spell? If this would happen then everyone would not be heartbroken at some point. Casting love spells to get your ex back may work but what will happen after that? Will you actually get the person you wanted always? Actually, when you get the person you wanted through spells, you are getting the person but not completely. That person is made by you to love you or stay with you, like a complete robot. It is like you have made him/her worship you (sort of) but you are not getting the real love from him/her.


Discuss things and expose your faults (if any) politely through texts and wait for the reply to come. If you are sorry then admit it. Start caring about the daily stuff of your ex. Send him/her short texts about little things but don’t too much. Handle the situation with wits and patience. Don’t push things otherwise, it will get worse.


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