Reduce wrinkles around the eyes using stem cells

By Helen

The area around the eyes is quite delicate.  When you have excess stress in your life, the impact can even be seen around the eyes. And before you see other visible symptoms, dark circles can appear under the eyes due to a lack of sleep. Over time, fine lines and wrinkles can develop as well.  Moreover, there are other causes for wrinkles.  Exposure to excess radiation, malnutrition, lack of sleep & several other issues can cause dark circles.  Removing them isn’t always easy without the proper treatment.  Even if other measures have let you down, the best treatment for wrinkles around eyes is stem cell therapy.  This involves injecting stem cells into the affected area to achieve the desired results.

How is it different from Botox?

Many people first think of Botox to diminish any wrinkles around the eyes.  But some are reluctant to have stem cell therapy, which is the best treatment for wrinkles around eyes. With stem cell injections, the collagen starts to improve in the dermis.  The elastin density is also increased.  This results in the skin becoming fuller & suppler. Therefore, any wrinkles are reduced or completely eliminated. The skin gets renewed energy to bounce back to its original shape, & any fine lines are done away with. This applies not only for the wrinkles under your eyes but also for lines on your face that are caused by smiling & frowning.

How does it work?

This therapy for skin rejuvenation works differently than other current methods.  It does not merely make the skin smoother or temporarily hide fine lines.  It offers a long-term solution that has lasting results.  The collagen & the elastin density will take years to deplete when they are treated with stem cell therapy.  When one opts for this method, there are no expensive surgeries involved.  This is a breakthrough treatment that can work without any side effects or scarring. There is also no annoyingly long recovery period involved.  This therapy makes your skin look younger, smoother & more toned.

How are the stem cells used?

When stem cell treatments are being discussed, people often ask where the stem cells are derived from.  Before getting into the details, did you know that stem cells in an apple can help illustrate this topic we are considering?  Fruits have stem cells just like us humans. Epidermal stem cells are lost due to the continuous shedding of our skin.  The fruit on the rare Swiss Apple tree prove to have anti-aging benefits as well.  But the stem cell treatment that we are referring to makes use of the patient’s own stem cells.  They are adult stem cells, and not stem cells from embryos as some may have you believe.

This stem cell treatment is the best treatment for wrinkles around eyes, because it mimics the actions of the body’s natural processes.  When we are children, our skin appears more youthful because there are more stem cells available.  In like manner, that is why this therapy provides such incredible long-term results.

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