Redesigning WordPress Website: Major signs that you should not ignore

For any business owner who wishes to have an evergreen online presence, it is necessary to keep their website updated from every aspect. Let it be a web design or any other functionality, you are always required to keep a check on its viability periodically.

Here are some of the signs that your WordPress website signals when there is a need to redesign it. Let’s get started!

Lesser user interactions

Once you have set up your online website, it becomes critical to ensure ever-increasing user interactions. These are crucial for the success of your online presence.

Every retailer trades online in an expectation to increase consumer base. There is no second thought that there is a pool of audience in the current digital era. Everyone has an easy access to internet and digital platforms.

Though we should not forget that every online user has an abundance of choices as well. There are several competitors of us who are handling them in a more effective manner as compared to us.

And, every user loves the websites that are interesting and easy to interact with. A website that looks shabby in its appearance tends to lose user’s interest.

You can keep an eye on your website performance for user interactions in the following ways:

- Capture visitor frequency
- Core user actions on your website
- Check on returning visitors
- Average time spent by a user on your website

If you see any of these affecting your website’s conversion rate, it is time to take an action and hire expert WordPress developer to revamp it.

Losing pace with the designing trends

Due to the dynamic nature of digital era, every trend is prone to change. With every new launch of technology, there come new additions to styles and functionalities.

So, it is necessary to keep pace with the latest designing trends. Keep a check on the new enticing elements that can you implements on your WordPress website. This way your existing customers, as well as the new visitors, will not lose their interest in your website.

Page load time

A slower page load speed is an often heard term if we own a website. Many studies have explored that if there is 3 seconds longer delay in page load for your website, you can lose up to 40% of your potential customers.

Thus, testing page load times is the most significant way to test your WordPress website’s performance. Every poor page load time has a contiguous and negative striking on your audience’s experience. The reason being longer page response time drives an increase in website abandonment and creates a huge gap between you and your target audience.

You can use some popular online tools to access the page load time for your WordPress website. Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights are the perfect examples of such valuable tools. While using these you can easily get an insight of speed-related issues as well and resolve them accordingly.

Losing on trust factor

If your website doesn’t seem trustworthy to your potential customers, you are more likely to lose them. The trust factor comes in the form of sharing personal details or credit/debit cards details while purchasing from you.

Various factors contribute to this aspect. For e.g.,

- Payment gateways that you are using
- SSL factor
- Privacy policy

With the advent of GDPR norms, every retailer is opting for a more transparent privacy policy while collecting & storing consumer’s data.
In case you still have not adopted the latest norms then it is time to do so now to remain competitive in the market.

Each point mentioned in this writing is crucial to consider while choosing to revamp your WordPress website. You can perform the same check with your website to achieve a highly favored online website.

Also, there are many experts available in the market that can help you to redesign WordPress website as per your requirement.

I hope you enjoyed the reading!

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