Foolproof ways of keeping a girl happy in a relationship

Since the beginning of time men have had a tough time figuring out women. Heck, even women can’t figure themselves out, but they will expect you to figure them out and keep them happy. Although it is obvious that women like being pampered in a relationship but is that enough?

If you are with a girl and you just can’t figure out how to keep them happy, here are some amazing ways to help you out:

  • Talk to her: We do not simply mean speak to her, talk to her. Help her communicate, make her feel close to you. If you are not that confident about how to talk to women or girls in general, find out the things to talk about with a girl and make sure that you master the art of talking. Of all things in the world, women love conversing and if you give them a good talk, share your innermost thoughts and fears; you’ll find that she’d be much happier than before.
  • Surprise her: Grand surprises do not work if you do that every other day. However, if you listen closely to your girl, you’ll know what she likes. The best way to keep a girl happy is to offer her just what she likes when she expects it the least. Take her out on a fancy date at the restaurant she has been raving about or take a short vacation with her when she least expects it. Surprising her once in a while will keep her excited and will help you to get closer to her.
  • Make an effort with her friends: When you are seriously into a girl, it becomes necessary for you to get along with her friends as well. It will come as no surprise for you, that her friends will come around every once in a while and you’d be going out with them as well. So, make an effort to put your best face on and get along with her friends as well, so that she can include you in her plans while still spending time with her friends.
  • Show an interest in her interest: When it comes to keeping a girl happy, most of the men run around in circles without an actual idea of what to do. However, the perfect place to start would be to take an interest in her interests, which will not only help you to spend more time with your girl but will also help you to understand her better.
  • Give thoughtful gifts: You do not need a gift every weekend to keep her happy. Any woman who is worth keeping around will be happy when you put some thought into the gifts you bring her, no matter how scarce your gifts are. Make an effort to find what she’d love or has been eyeing for weeks to make her happy.

With many things to do, the above-mentioned points will definitely put your girl in the happy mood.

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