Low Cost Chicken Farming

Do you want to start up a chicken farm or a fowl business but don’t have enough money?. Most people who desire to start up a chicken farming project have been discouraged due to the cost of starting and managing one. However, there are low cost chicken farming techniques you can consider. It only depends on how you will go about it. First you need to know how chicken farms work. What makes the chicken farming business expensive is the materials needed for poultry farming and many other factors which we will discuss in this article. The focus here is to see what to do in order to reduce the chicken farming cost.

The location of your farm

If you want to engage in low cost chicken farming, then you must choose your location wisely. There are areas where land can be so expensive for a fowl business. You must choose an area where you can get land at cheaper prices. Consider looking for a land in a rural area but not too far away from the town. Lands are a bit cheaper in rural areas but the area should not be too far from town so that you don’t get to spend much on transportation. When starting a fowl business, you should not be worried about your poultry business profit. All you need to do is to look for measures to reduce the chicken farming cost. This is just how chicken farms work. When you are able to get a land at a cheaper cost, then you may discover at the end that you have not spent too much in the business. If you are doing a small scale chicken farming for your personal gain, you can use your backyard as the area for farming. This makes it cheaper since you don’t get to spend a dime to get a place. All you have to do is to discuss with your neighbors about it to keep them aware. This is to ensure that there will be no problem between you guys when the roosters start crowing in the morning. Many people don’t like being waken up in the morning by the noise made by roosters.

Building low cost poultry houses

For the coops to be less expensive, you will need to build them by yourself. This way you can be able to include the nesting box and the roost which are materials needed for poultry farming. The coops are usually made by using woods and nails. The nails help to put the woods together. Make sure you provide a cover for the coops to prevent flying predators from having their way into them. Coops are very important materials needed for poultry farming. The good thing about using coops is that they don’t need too much land. You have to make sure the coop is always clean and dry so that pests do not infest the chickens. Prevention is always better than cure. It won’t cost you anything if you try preventing your chickens from contacting several diseases but you will have to spend much on medical checkup in a case where they are sick. Therefore, make sure that the environment remains neat. You can consider placing sand in the coop to keep the floor dry. Claiming that coop farming is very expensive is not enough reason for you not to get into a fowl business. You can always employ measures to reduce your cost of farming.

Try doing things by yourself

Hiring laborers can be really expensive and this makes chicken farming costly. This is because you will have to pay these laborers for their commitment to the farm work. The chicken farm work needs much time investment. This is exactly how chicken farms work. All you need to do is to give in much of your time for the business. When you work alone, you get to save the money that you would have used to pay your workers. If you do this, you will discover that your poultry business profit will instead increase.

If you are involved in farming chickens for egg production, then you have to gather the eggs anytime the hens lay. Make sure you do this by yourself. It can be difficult trusting someone with your business. He or she may not do it with the kind of passion you have towards your work. To be more effective and to experience an increase in your poultry business profit, you will need to do things by yourself.

Feed the hens by yourself. Mix their feed and give it to them. Make sure you clean up the place after feeding. Your family members can be of help to you. There can be division of labor. This will help the work go far and also lead to an increase in the poultry business profit. The cost of chicken farming lowers when you learn to do things by yourself.

Go for cheap materials

There are materials needed for poultry farming. Some of these materials may to be very expensive. It is advisable not to go in for these materials when you realize that you can do the work by yourself. There are materials needed for poultry farming such as the egg washing machine. When dealing with chickens for egg production, you will need to gather the eggs, keep them clean and store them. You can use a towel to clean the eggs properly yourself. This way you can be able to save up the money you would have used for egg washing machines.

If you want to keep hawks away from chickens, then you can get some old CDs and hang them on trees around the coop or farm to reflect the sunlight. This will drive away the hawks.

Keep a rooster to protect the hens when a predator is coming. Dogs can be expensive and you would only need the guard dogs for security reasons. Therefore, go for the roosters. They will be able to make enough noise to call your attention when a predator is attacking. Roosters are cheaper. This will help to reduce the cost of farming.

Consider pasture farming

Pasture farming may need a larger land as compared to coop farming. This type of farming is usually a low cost type of farming. What may make it a little costly is the land you will have to buy for the chickens but you can find cheap land in the rural area. This kind of farming is not only cheap but provides benefits to the farmers. The chickens’ poop can be a good source of manure. This helps increase the soil fertility. The farmer can decide to grow other crops on this same piece of land. He will not only make profit from selling chickens but he will also harvest and make gains from these products. The chickens are left on their own to hunt after food for themselves. This way the farmer gets to save the money he or she would have used for the purchase of feed.

The problem pasture farmers face is that there are lots of predators. Predators are out to wipe out your flock. They are very but you can play smarter. Get an electric fence to surround your farm. This way they won’t be able to gain access into your farm and eat up your chickens. Electric fences are among the materials needed for poultry farming. A fowl business can be very profitable when you know how chicken farms work.

You have to make sure that the chickens always have pastures to feed on. However, this is always possible because the farm provides enough food for the chickens. If on your farm, you don’t have fodder, consider planting it. Fodder is an agricultural foodstuff that is given to chickens as feed. Rather than spending money on feed, consider getting them from your farm.

The risk in doing pasture farming is that the chickens tend to eat just anything they lay their beaks on. This practice can damage their health. Always make sure you provide your chickens with the right feed so that they don’t go about eating toxic plants.

Make sure the chickens have a roost and a shelter. They will run and take refuge in this shelter anytime a bird predator is coming their way.

However, pasture farming is not costly because you do not need to spend money on any coops. The chickens are left to hunt after food by themselves. This is exactly how chicken farms work when you are involved in pasture farming.

Reducing the cost of chicken feed.

What usually makes chicken farming very expensive is the high cost and consumption of chicken feed. Big chicken farms would require feed in high quantity which are sufficient for all the chickens. Let’s look at some tips on how to reduce the expenditure on chicken feed.

Consider mixing your own chicken feed

Feed that are mixed before being sold tend to be very expensive. If you know the kind of nutrients that are necessary for chicken’s growth, you can get the source of these nutrients and mix them for your chickens. For example, you can consider adding limestone to your chickens feed because it contains a high amount of calcium. The idea is that you should mix the feed yourself. Go online and research more on the kinds of nutrients and their source that chickens need to have in their feed. Get the ones you can find easily in your locality and even from your garden. When you are able to grow your chickens’ feed by yourself, you will discover that you will have enough money to save than to spend on chicken feed. Most at times the feed we mix and give to our chickens are better off than the ones we buy from agricultural store. Experts have even confirmed that whole grains are even more nutritious than feed that has been ground and preserved for future consumption. Sometimes you may not know what kind of ingredients that have been ground to be sold and given to chickens. There are people out there who are very anxious to make money by all means. They can grind up anything and sell to farmers as feed. You have to be careful with what you buy as feed for your chickens. You have to make sure you buy from a reliable source. Now that you are reducing the cost of the chicken farming project, you should consider mixing them yourself. You have an assurance that your chickens get the right ingredients and nutrients necessary for their growth and health. If you want to increase the egg production rate in your hens, then you should mix their feed yourself. This way you will be able to include in their feed what can help accelerate the rate of the production of eggs. A good example is protein. Every laying hen needs to consume a considerable amount of protein a day. This is because the egg is very rich in protein and thus will require much protein for it to be produced. You can therefore get feed rich in protein and mix in your chickens feed.

Keep breeds which consume less feed

Chicken farming can be less costly if you keep breeds which do not need much feed. It is said that dual purpose breeds consume more than the other breeds. Get the ones that do not consume much like the egg layers. With this, you can be able to focus on the most important nutrients that your laying eggs need in order to lay more eggs rather than what they need to add more flesh. You can do this if you are want to keep chickens to lay eggs for you.

Don’t overfeed your chickens

When you overfeed your chickens, you end up spoiling them. If you are rearing your chickens for eggs, then you need to be careful not to overfeed them. Fowls which are overfed tend to get fatty tissue in their abdomens and this usually leads to a reduction in egg production. Here you discover that overfeeding your chickens instead tends to do more harm than good to them. This can be necessary when you are keeping your chickens for meat production. Hens that are laying do not need to be overfed. They need just the right nutrients.

Take away older hens from the flock

Older hens are experiencing molting. Feeding them will be a waste of time. They can’t produce any more eggs, so you should take them away from the flock. This will help reduce the money spent on feed. When hens are too old to lay eggs, butcher them and sell. If you are dealing with chickens that are to serve as meat, you can get the ones that are mature enough and sell. You actually don’t have to wait for them to get old before selling them. Sell them so that you don’t get to waste feed on them. When the flock is small, then the expenditure on feed drops. This way you get to experience a low cost chicken farming with an increase in poultry business profit.

As I said earlier, rather than buying feed which tend to be very expensive, you should consider checking around for chicken feed that can be locally produced or you can decide to grow some agricultural foodstuff yourself and mix them for your chickens. This lowers the cost of chicken farming while maintaining an increase in poultry business profit. Now let’s look at some of these products.


Fodder is any agricultural foodstuff that can be given to chickens. Fodder is as well called provender and it includes straw, silage, hay, sprouted grains and legumes. The following are plants that are planted for fodder and they include Alfalfa, Barley, Birdsfoot trefoil, Kale, Rapeseed, Rutabaga, Turnip, Alsike, Red clover, Subterranian clover, White clover, Bermuda grass, Brome, False oat grass, Fescue, Health grass, Meadow grasses, Orchard grass, Ryegrass, Timothy-grass, Corn, Oats, Sorghum, Soybeans, Wheat. The above are the kinds of plants you can decide to cultivate in order to have fodder. This means that if you are going in for one, it means you will be able to feed your chickens without actually spending much. If you have a garden, then consider planning any of the seeds of these plants there. When they grow, you can be able to give to your chickens fresh as they are. Choose the seed you can easily find around and grow them. If you don’t know how to, then try going online and learn how to grow crops. This way you have a lot of money to save for other expenses on the farms. This helps to reduce the cost of chicken farming.

Deer corn

Deer corn is very good for chickens. They can be planted locally. Consider growing deer corn on your garden and reduce the cost of chicken farming. Deer corn may be low in protein but it is very rich in carbohydrates and fats. This product boosts the energy level of chickens in cold weathers and keep them warm. Deer corn is mostly grown for deer but it is very helpful to chickens. When the grains are dried, you can feed them to your chickens in grains.


If you have a garden, invest a little into sun flowers. Chickens like sunflowers including their seeds. When you have sunflowers, you can get the heads and then look for a way to dry them. Give this as feed to your chickens every day. The good thing is that sunflowers can be gotten easily. In some places, you can find them growing without anybody planting them. Using sunflowers and the seeds as food for your chickens can help you save enough money to take care of other things. This also makes the cost of chicken farmer very low.

Egg shells

Egg shells are great source of calcium. Instead of dumping your egg shells in the garbage, you can get them dry and grind them for your flock. The calcium in these shells when consumed by these hens create an opportunity for these hens to produce high quality eggs with shells difficult to crack. When the shells are dry, mix in their feed. Mix some garlic in their water to provide them with vitamins.


Mealworms can be purchased from local retailers. You can consider growing it yourself. Mealworms are great source of protein. Purchase or grow them. In either way, the expenditure on feed is reduced.


When chickens are free range, they can easily eat these worms. These creatures contain a lot of protein. Try getting some for your chickens when they are not free ranging.

Legume Seeds

Legumes are a good source of protein. You can easily purchase their seeds around from local farmers rather than moving from stores to stores looking for expensive feed that has been ground for future consumption.

Fish guts

The guts of fish can easily be gotten because we consume fish regularly. If you consume the guts, rather than throwing them away, give them to your chickens. They are a good source of protein.


When you have some eggs that are already breaking, boil them and give to your hens. Do not give them raw eggs or they will cultivate the habit of eating up their own eggs after laying.

Seeds in food scraps

What do you do with the seeds from vegetables or fruits? Do you just throw them away? I wouldn’t do that meanwhile I can feed my chickens with these seeds and as well the leftover fruits or vegetables. You can also give your chickens your table scraps after eating. They would be happy eating these.

Garden leftovers

What do you do with garden leftovers? Instead of throwing them away and rush to buy expensive feed in the market, you can consider feeding your chickens with these vegetables and fruits.

Safflower Meal

Safflower is used to make vegetable oil. When the oil has been extracted from the plant, what is left can be dried, ground into powder form and fed to the chickens.

A farmer can actually succeed in chicken farming with little budget if he has the right information on how to go about it. The cost of poultry farming depends on so many factors and there are so many measures that can be taken to reduce this cost. This article has provided the information any one would need if he wants to make profit from his poultry business with little budget. This sounds impossible but it is possible. You just have to understand how to manage your budget by getting things that are local but necessary. From all this, you get to see that low cost farming is actually possible.

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