IP Camera Buying Guide

By Jacob Smith

When it comes to purchasing a security camera for your home. There is a probability that your first option will be a network camera as they are convenient to use and easier to install without having to pay a professional to do the installation for you. A main advantage of using network security camera system over a closed circuit security system over is that IP cameras are capable of storing and transmitting data over a digital signal. This enables you as the user to monitor your house or property through a computer network. You can even communicate through the device. It is good that before you make a purchase you research and understand all the available options of network cameras so as to make the right decision.

The Advantages of an IP Camera

There are many benefits of a network camera security system. Network cameras allow you as the homeowner or business owner to effectively monitor your business or home with a real time video feed. There is no need for closed circuit TV analog systems, no need to install expensive and extensive wiring, and you will not have to buy tapes.

Network security cameras also allow the user to schedule the recording times thus avoid long hours of unneeded footage and thus saving on operational costs. The motion detection feature in IP cameras records and picks up any movement detected within the monitored area when the cameras are enabled.

Accessibility Features

You can be able to access your IP camera through a smartphone, computer, or any other media device that is connected to the internet. The camera signal is transmitted through a computer network and the data is stored in a computer hard drive. In the case where the computer is not available, you can be able to access the network camera through your smartphone, tablet or any other media device connected to the internet. This feature will allows you to view the monitored areas from virtually anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an internet connection.


Low Lighting Feature

Some network cameras come equipped with an infrared low lighting feature. The low light feature allows the camera to illuminate an area that is with infrared lighting that is invisible to the human eye thus the intruder will not notice. This feature is good for areas that have low light or no light.

Audio Features.

Modern network cameras offer a two way audio feature. This feature will allow you as the user to listen to any audio within the camera's recording area. You can buy powered speakers that will enable you to communicate with others on the camera end.

Comparing IP Cameras to Analog CCTV

There are several types of home and business surveillance systems in the market today. Comparing them is very important before making a purchase. The table below looks at how well a network security camera system compares to an analog CCTV system.

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