11 Vital Guidelines for a Successful Career Advancement in 2018

Most people do not consider the career as an important life goal. But when the career is established properly, it brings satisfaction to the owner and allows him to wait for a worthy reward. It is no secret that the main principle is applied in many areas to step towards the higher of your position, the more you win and the desire to earn more is quite normal. The following 10 tips will help you succeed in your career and increase your income.

  • First counsel yourself

                   Most people are so passionate about personal matters that they cannot think about the next paycheck or the next monthly report. Stop for a moment and look around, what part of your life are you in now? Do you enjoy the daily trip to the duty station, do you have an incentive? Are you ready to fully demonstrate your skills and abilities to a sufficient level? Will not you lose your job skills in the future? Are you an ambitious person? If most questions have received a negative answer, this cannot be pursued.

                   It is time to act urgently. Think about the prospects for next year. It is worth asking for advice and support from the boss. This is probably the best time to improve yourself and grow your career. Maybe you need to change society. Take the initiative and do some extra work, it will probably help you demonstrate the best. Having received new knowledge and skills, you can find something useful and interesting that will help you make a career in the near future.

  • Join the professional communities

                   Find professional online communities and become one of them. These can be groups on different social networks. Enter personal information, it must specify the job and the position. Participate actively in discussions on the forums and leave comments under the state. Create a profile with keywords so the search engine can find you easily with these keys. Invite your former colleagues and co-workers to work as friends.

  • This should be a properly organized schedule on your desktop

                   Take the time to correct the situation on your desktop. Business cards and documents must be clean. Contact people who can help you develop your career. Sometimes a trivial message with the question "How are you?" to a well-known person could be very useful.

  • Regularly check your E-mail account

                   View all received and unread messages. If possible, answer the maximum number. Each unanswered message reduces your value. The entries you do not use must be deleted.

  • Check your profile information

                   Try to look at the employer's eyes. Read all the information about your application in your profiles. Remove any materials that may put you in danger. Large companies have recently paid particular attention to the pages of their social network employees. Try to publish information everywhere, which confirms your professionalism and diligence.

  • Improve your skills

                   Try to enroll yourself in modern training courses. Convince yourself for special training and appropriate training. Constant knowledge provision is considered the shortest way to succeed and reach a new level. Participate in advanced courses conducted by professionals in your field of activity. They push you to new ideas and allow you to improve something in your work.

  • Create a new relationship

                   Try making contacts before you need to change the job. In this case, always prepare the ground, and at best the proposals are already ready. Use all sorts of methods, for example, to meet the classmates of the institute working in the same field, meet your colleagues at exhibitions and presentations, talk to colleagues during lunch, meet them at the weekend. Useful contacts must be constantly maintained.

  • Throw away useless things

                   Choose things that distract you and do you no good until now. Therefore, throw them aside and forget them. Immerse yourself in what brings you results and real satisfaction.

  • Write a list of your accomplishments

                   Create a meaningful list that shows all your accomplishments, results and detailed information about yourself and your work. This document should be displayed as a CV. Pay attention to all your working moments and to the strongest points. Each new result should be added to this list and, if necessary, you can remind the supervisor of the results. Emphasize that you are a very useful employee for the company. A written document will certainly help you to move the career ladder. If your results do not inspire you, you've overcome them and you're capable of great results.

  • Read books about self-development

The expert can afford to be something but the leader must be the best peer among their equals, an open person able to listen and understand subordinates who can say no in a difficult time or in complex situations by using their interpersonal skills. Therefore, one must read and, to develop faster, read a lot of psychology, motivational, management, influence, oratory, time management etc. It is nice to read 15 to 20 books a year and this is feasible for a keen individual.

In addition, a good participation would be to visit training programs so it will help to develop your leadership skills, especially training with a practical program. You must attend at least two or three training sessions a year and do not wait until they are offered to you.

  • Acknowledgment of your mistakes

Unfortunately, we do not get the necessary knowledge and experience of our own mistakes. When we work, every failure seems to end in our brilliant career. In fact, these are valuable lessons that will make us pay attention to solutions and tasks in the future. Many people in a normal life would moderate their pride and importance, recognize, understand, analyze and not repeat their mistakes.

In trying to protect themselves from decisions and responsibilities, employees often take no action and do not do their job. Thus, do not be afraid to make mistakes, do not be afraid to repeat your mistakes. However, never hide your mistakes at work, even if you know that an error is followed by a fine. The secret is always obvious. This deteriorates when the error you are hiding has negative consequences. Your employee's reputation will be lost forever. It is best to report your mistake in the direction and suggests ways to eliminate it, if possible.

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