When Women Have Affairs

Virtue is insufficient temptation.  ~George Bernard Shaw

Sometimes, things just have a way of crawling under your skin or tantalizing your senses before you even interacted with them. It is caused by a sound or a smell or a name that conveys good or bad feelings. Sometimes, the images a name conveys already send your mind into overdrive. This is what happened to me when I first encountered “One flight up”.

The name intrigued me enough to pick up the book and read the back cover… and then, I knew I must have this book. Non mes amis, not I want, I need this book. I feel a part of it before I even dive into it. It seems to be telling my best friends’ stories, perhaps they even quote my name in it… all these feelings, and I had yet to read a page of the book.  Let me tell you Frenchies, having read it now… I can honestly say my instincts were spot on, the book is perfect.

This is the ultimate book for the femmes amongst us. Gentlemen, you are welcome to read it but somehow, I doubt you will enjoy it. It has all the traits of a “Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood” intertwined with Sex in the City with the women are having the affairs… not vous Messieurs !

Few authors have had the audacity to cover the subject of liaisons form the female perspective, after all Messieurs, I would highly recommend you read it…

But before I give you a taste of the book, let’s discuss the gorgeous author, Susan Fales-Hill. Susan has the great distinction of having made it to Vanity Fair’s list of best dressed women of all times. She was born in Rome but raised in New York City where she attended the Lycée Français before going on to Harvard. Can you feel the “SIF” in the air?

This is her first novel but it is by no means her first piece of writing we encounter. Susan is first and foremost an award-winning television writer and producer. She has worked on The Cosby Show, A Different World, Linc’s, and Suddenly Susan. She is a contributing editor at Essence, and has written for  Vogue, Town & Country, and Travel & Leisure. She is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir Always Wear Joy.

Set in New York and Paris, the book is already looking like a sure win for all of us Frenchies!

The plot? Four best friends from childhood get together again after many years and they still have each others backs though they have turned into four very different people. It has everything you need to be able to identify with a character , or perhaps a little of each.

India, Abby, Esme, and Monique are all grown up and seemingly living fabulous successful lives. It is only once you dig a little deeper that you find out what their lives are really all about.

India is a blasé divorce lawyer who is moving in with her French lover (off to a good start wouldn’t you say) but is so distrusting of relationships that she is secretly keeping her own apartment.

Abby is a happy, bubbly gallery owner who suddenly realizes her talented but self-deprecating artist of a husband is cheating on her. This is an eye opener for her and she suddenly begins viewing him and their life for what they really are.

Esme is Colombian. She is of the Scarlett OHara variety and while she is married to a prim and proper Connecticut husband she remains an adventurer. Her thrill seeking is satisfied by casual encounters in Manhattan.

Monique is a successful gynecologist, a buppie and seemingly is happily married. Her husband however ignores her, so when someone else starts paying attention to her the situation becomes interesting.

India is appalled by all this lack of morality until the arrival of her mythological ex fiancé makes her revisit her own moral standards…

So you tell me, doesn’t this have all the trappings of a perfect book for hours of fun?

Susan Fales-Hill is everything we applaud and revere in SIF, so mes amis… have you read her book yet? Waiting to hear what you thought about her book.

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