A New Driveway for Your Home

If you have recently purchased a property that you want to renovate, or are looking for ways to improve or add value your home, having a patterned concreted drive installed could be an idea that is definitely worth considering.   With a bit of careful planning you could turn your driveway into a unique, stylish area that is well suited to your family’s needs while complementing the rest of your property.

The driveway is an area of the home that is often overlooked, as long we are able to drive the car on to it and park or enter the garage it isn’t an area that many of us give that much thought to.  However it is also an area that is seriously under estimated, as it covers a large section outside your home it is also a prominent feature, which if it is neglected for too long can make your home appear uncared for and also damage your vehicle over time.  

Having an attractive, well maintained driveway is the ideal way to give your home real ‘kerb appeal’ giving visitors an instant good impression and helping your home appear tidy and well cared for.  Getting your driveway replaced is also a great investment if you are planning to sell your property in the future, not only will it add considerable value, but also make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

If you want to make sure that your driveway has a truly personal design with a high quality finish choosing pattern imprint concrete could be a really good option.  This revolutionary technique incorporates the use of colours and patterns to freshly poured concrete to re-create the look of natural materials such as stone, slate and timber.    

One of the main attractions to choosing this material is how flexible and creative it allows you to be, without having to worry about the cost or suitability of different materials, as it is possible to use almost any colour or pattern to create a design the possibilities are almost endless.  Whether you want a cobble effect, random stone pattern, Ashlar slate design or something totally different, you are sure to find a pattern imprint that is suitable for your design.

As its also possible to add extra features when using pattern imprint concrete you are able to make sure that your driveway has a really high quality and impressive finish.  Incorporating drainage and customised manhole covers will not only improve the live span of your driveway but also give it a professional, uniform look, while adding items such as edging and steps will help add to the overall appearance of the front of your house for minimal effort.  To great way to create a wow factor and improve safety is to have lights installed, you could even create a focal point by having a special decorative feature installed.

Pattern imprint concrete is far more durable than more traditional materials, such as tarmac or block paving, as it is created using a dolomite sub-base and four inches of fibre reinforced concrete it is far less prone to usual driveway problems such as sinking so you can be sure that it will stay looking good for years to come.  Due to the unique method used issues such as weeds, moss and loose stone are eliminated making your driveway quick and simple to maintain., Fastest Growing Free Local & Social Classifieds, #1 Free Social Classifieds
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