All You Need to Know About Nursing as a Career

In this fast-paced society where everyone is competing to be successful, if you are feeling directionless, then don’t feel uneasy and embarrassed. There are a lot of students out there who are struggling to find out exactly what they want in their life. You may take a little more time than your peers to discover your calling, but rest assured that there is a perfect job waiting for you. It might be challenging to find one, but with right information you can explore various options. And one such career option that seems appealing to many is nursing, but improper knowledge and education can deter potential nurses from looking a little further.  

If you are also planning to pursue a degree course in nursing, then take a look at a handy guide that will help you to understand the various aspects, such as life, duties, professional scope, etc., of a nurse.

Our nursing assignment help team has listed all the important points that you need to know about the nursing career. Take a read:  

Who is a Nurse?

There might be different reasons for each one of you to pursue this career, such as close interaction with the person of the same field, a family member who is a nurse, excitement about this career, or will to help others. However, if you have decided to be a nurse, first and foremost you need to know what it actually means to be a nurse. According to our experts, the term refers to four specialist roles, child nurse, adult nurse, mental health nurse, and learning disability nurse. These skilled and qualified professionals together form the largest group in the health sector. They help countless patients every year to overcome their illness and provide emotional support to them and their families at the same time. No matter what are the health settings, they always have to be ready to offer their invaluable services, be it emergencies, surgeries, or a patient’s home. They care for the people suffering from various health conditions, such as ailments, injuries, diseases, illness, etc. They do so by planning, assessing, evaluating, and focusing on the requirements of the patient.  

What is the required qualification?

To get a degree in nursing, the first step is to get yourself registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council. There are a number of degree courses, and students can enroll after checking all the details, offers, and professional scope. As each degree program is different, it is better to go through the structure and what former students have to say about them. Entry requirements can vary according to the university/college as each of them sets certain entry criteria. So, compare all the educational institutions of the UK and then apply through UCAS. After that, if you are a suitable candidate, then you will be selected for the course. Other than this, nursing also demands proficiency in math, English, and science.  

What are the responsibilities?

Before enrolling yourself in this program, you must know that you might be expected to work 24*7, be it night, holidays, or weekends. Your days will be long, tiring, exhausting, so you always have to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. As a nurse, your duties will include:

  • Carrying out routine checkups and investigations.
  • Gaining the trust of patients and families.
  • Responding immediately to emergencies.
  • Noting down the care plans.
  • Assisting doctors through tests.
  • Being an advocate for your patient.
  • Maintaining records.
  • Organizing staff and handling workloads.
  • Mentoring junior nurses and students.
  • Making some ethical decisions that may involve confidentiality.
  • Educating patient and family regarding health conditions.
  • Regularly communicating with patients and their relatives.

These duties may make you anxious and nervous about opting for this field, but just rest assured that the reward (in the form of self-satisfaction and contentment) will be worth all the hard work.

What is the expected salary?

As a fully qualified nurse, your salary may start from £22,128 and reach up to £28,746 on Band 5 of the NHS Agenda for Change Pay Rates. With enough experience as a team leader on Band 6, salary may range between £26,565 to £35,577. Senior level nurses, such as modern matron, consultant, etc., on Band 7 to 8c can get as much as £31,696 to £69,168. For unsocial hours, payment is made to NHS staff, while in private sector, it varies according to the hospitals. NHS also offers maternity and sickness benefits along with pension schemes. Nurses employed elsewhere may not enjoy the same schemes and benefits, but there are a few other incentives, such as a company car occasionally, private health insurance, etc.

What to expect?

Due to the shortage of nurses, many hospitals have introduced flexible working to retain the staff. You can look after patients in ICU or ward and can also work at patient’s home. If you want to work freelance, then you can do so through agencies as a private nurse or consultant.  

Nursing is definitely a demanding job, be it emotionally or physically, but gives you immense satisfaction when you see that your care has made another person feel better and reduced the suffering. So start working for a successful career from now. Wishing you all the best for your future.

Summary: Do you want to be a nurse? If yes, then here are some important things that you should know about this profession.

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